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Toy Pianos Are Fun For Little Toddlers

When toddlers play on a Schoenhut toy piano they are playing by numbers with a number sheet placed right behind the keys. This is different from sheet music and different from reading sheet music. However; for toddlers it is all about the fun they have and the numbers make it easy for them to play a tune.

A lot of consumers have questions when buying a toy piano. Listed below is the top question that is asked.

Will it affect my child’s ability to read music later on when they start to play a real piano? The answer is no; because they are learning to play by number and make music just as if they were reading sheet music. Most children transition easily from using numbers and quickly learn to read sheet music. Introduce the child to sheet music slowly so they don’t become overwhelmed. Learning to read music ought to be fun so the child doesn’t feel pressured or overwhelmed. Fostering a love for music is hopefully what toy pianos create. What matters most is the child enjoys playing the piano no matter what technique is used.

Fancy Grand Toy Piano

Toy Baby Grand Piano

Encouragement and praise are important aspects of the learning curve which keeps the children interested.
The most important role a toy piano plays is the amusing and entertaining element. Keeping it enjoyable and engaging without stress or pressure to play a real piano by reading sheet music ought to be the goal when they are little. Schoenhut Toy Pianos Are Fun For Little Toddlers

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