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Spending Time Outdoors – Why Being Outside is Beneficial to Your Kids

Ask any child and they will tell without a doubt; they love having fun in the backyard; especially if there is a wooden swing set for them to play on. You can purchase residential wooden swing sets in a wide variety of materials and sizes. Your choices when it comes to type of lumber used in the design of swing sets include cedar, pine, or redwood. Many individuals appreciated the natural beauty of wood and like the way it compliments the garden and outside setting. Installation is somewhat easy with many of the wood playsets and if you don’t think it is something you are willing to spend time on, there are plenty of contractors who do installation for a living. For the most part, wood playsets are built safe and made to be very sturdy, sturdy and durable. These designs are simple to complex from small to very large most are straightforward to put together if you follow the step by step instructions.

Metal is a preferred choice for many since it can withstand most awful weather conditions such as rain, snow and wind. When the legs post are anchored in cement most are sturdy enough to meet adverse weather conditions and strong enough to meet the strains put on the apparatus by kids. In other words, the metal swing set can handle just about anything a child can throw its way.

Metal Swing Set

Kettler Metal Swing Set

A number of the many fun accessories available for purchase are glider and rocket riders, slides and climber, plus a wide array of swings. When making a choice look for accessories that are sized for the age of the child. Also, think about how the child will play with the accessory and is it beneficial to their creative minds and does it promote exercise. Just like playing on a swing set encourages other skills, so does the accessories that are on the wood playset. There are many healthy reasons for a child to play outdoors and the benefits are fantastic. Playing on a swing set offers many ways for a child to exercise while having a great time.


These metal and wood playsets can include an assortment of pieces including rock walls, gliders, climbers, monkey bars and tower toys. While youngsters are playing outside they use their resourcefulness, imagination, ingenuity and communication skills all while exercising. The type of equipment doesn’t really matter as long as it is safe and engages children through creative play. The key is proper installation and adult supervision and following the safe play rules so kids do not get hurt. Always refer to the owner’s manual or installation book and adhere to the guidelines. When adults are present, this on-going supervision is a key ingredients of making swing sets enjoyable for playtime.

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