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Building Blocks For Little Tikes And Pre-schools

19 May, 2016 (14:51) | Best Kids Toys | By:

Building blocks have been a well-liked child’s toy in the classroom for different age groups for years and years. They always capture a child’s interest and by no means lose their appeal during playtime. Best Price Toys offers building blocks that promote learning and confidence while building on other skills that offer a lifetime learning.

When this toy is used during playtime if also promotes creativity and stimulates the thought process so children learn and try to problem solve while developing a sense of how things work and go together.

For little toddlers, our hand-painted designs with letters and numbers encourage reading early on. Our wooden baby blocks are perfect for small hands and give them a jump start on reading when learning their ABC’s.

Our classic ABC cart made by Melissa and Doug offers hours of instructive block play just for  toddlers! This well-built block set comes with 30 solid wood blocks. Not only does it have the ABC’s but comes complete with letters and numbers. This is just the thing for letter and number recognition, along with matching and sorting plus lots of other fun activities are enjoyed with this unique toy. The pictures are colorful and the collection offers value for the dollar.

Popular in Pre-schools are the CarePlay Grid Blocks sets. They are available in several different sizes. Offering give your littlest engineers the blocks they need to track the trails of their imaginations. They are made for inside and outside playtime and are heavy-duty. They can build pathways, tunnels and even a playhouse. All of the CarePlay blocks are made to a square foot specs. and introduce the children to linear and area measurement. The 12-inch squares are perfect for little hands at the same time as the 3-by-3 design making them easy to attache to one another. Each set comes with an assortment of blocks including, square, solid, see-through as well as corner blocks for the pathway and rooftop of the playhouse.

Helping children learn through block play is almost always plays a part in a teachers curriculum in the classroom. Shop Best Price Toys are a large selection of play blocks.


Outdoor Toys For Summer Fun

11 April, 2012 (16:10) | Best Kids Toys | By:

What outdoor toys do you have that encompass a playground area for your kids in your own backyard? With so many different products on the market it can be expensive.

There are lots things that might cause you to worry when deciding which equipment is suitable for them to play on. The age of your children will impact your decision when buying large outdoor toys. Some great things for the backyard are the big toys that can be used by several siblings. You might want to look at bounce houses, ride on toys, trampolines, portable basketball backboards, or play tents as well as wooden swing sets. Assuring your child has a mixture of outdoor toys to keep him or her excited to play outdoors. Many might think it is not an easy as it seems because children tend to get bored very quickly. Think about variety of toys with the main goal is keeping them entertained; allowing them to have fun while getting various amounts of exercise and fresh air outside.

If you thinking about buying some new outdoor toys begin you take a look around your home, basement or garage and made a list of things you already own and consider what might work well for different age groups. For instance, swing sets and playsets are fun for a wide range of ages with different activities for keeping them busy. Residential swing sets are manufactured with many different play options and sizes. Swings are made for specific age groups such as high back infant swings for babies, full bucket swings for toddlers, belt swings for ages 4 and up or board swings for teenagers and adults. Playsets which are made from vinyl, cedar, pine or redwood lumber make a great addition to the landscaping while offering creative play.

Another great toy that appeals to just about any child is bounce houses, slides and water parks that you see inflated in backyards across the landscape of America. Available in a wide array of sizes with or without slides, these inflatable bouncers most often can be used wet or dry. Simply attach a garden hose and you got an instant water park. Many models have separate play areas, such as a ball pit or wading pool or jumping floors. When the bounce house offers these separate play areas as “extra space” it is nice because toddlers can play in the ball pit space while older kids can use the jumping space. Keeping kids safe in this way is easy if you can pair them up by age. After all, you do not want a 3 years bouncing on the jump floor with a 10 year old. Grouping children together by age is a fantastic idea.

Trampolines are great for kids who love gymnastics and they can jump till they get tired out. Before you purchase make sure you have the space because they take up lots of room. Look for units that do not have exposed springs. They should always be covered up. Safety enclosures must always be used and look for ones that can’t be knocked down. Enclosures are easy to set up and always remember only one child should use the trampoline at a time. Do not allow 2 or more inside and make sure to follow the safety guidelines outlines by the manufacturers. As with any toy; safe play ought to be a priority for everyone. When buying a trampoline look for high quality and that means you will have to pay more for one.

Trikes, bikes and wagons are great for all ages. Trikes now are sold with seat belts and push bars offering little ones a safe ride with mom and dads help. Wagons have been a traditional toy that’s been around for decades. Having a wagon is great because the kids can stow their treasures and take them for a ride. Take a wagon along for a ride in the park and mom or dad can pull the children down the paths. No matter what the age, wagons are very versatile. Many models have cargo space, drink cup holders, seat belts for securing toddlers and some even have covered tops.

Shooting hoops is fun for the entire family. There are plenty of games to play and if you have an adjustable basket ball goal post this makes it easy for young children to sink the ball. If you have a rolling type make sure to always check the manner in which it is secure so it won’t tip over or roll down the driveway. Many use sand bags and even hold water for anchoring down. If you have a stationary unit most likely it is secured in cement. Either way, a game of basketball offers plenty of exercise for everybody and can include the whole family.

Playing outside is great for kids for a lot of different reasons and making sure they have plenty of playthings keeps them busy.

If you buy new toys that have to be assembled make certain you complete all of the steps and do not take any short cuts. Simply stated; read and follow the installation directions per the manual, follow the guidelines and set play rules for the kids. This way it is easier to create a play space that’s offers a safe environment for all.

KidKraft Play Kitchens – Whats Not To Love

31 March, 2012 (17:40) | Best Kids Toys | By:

KidKraft has been making play kitchens for children for years and their expertise shows with the attention to details that are clearly visible in the products they manufacturer. Many models have refrigerators, microwaves, counter space, and ovens. The creativity extends into the overall color palette which will match playrooms and decor with a large selection to choose from. Bright and bold colors to soft pastels; the KidKraft Play Kitchens make fantastic gifts. Parents love the all-in-one toy kitchens that have different activities; providing enjoyable entertainment for little chefs, cooks, waitress or waiters. Play kitchens have the benefit of pleasing kids ages 3 and up. KidKraft matching accessories include pots, pans, play food, and appliances such as toasters, blenders, and mixers that are kid-sized.

Wooden Horses Or Spring Horses The Choice Should Be Easy

20 August, 2010 (16:26) | Best Kids Toys, Best Price Kids Toys, Best Price Toys, Best Toys, Rocking Horses For Kids | By:

Have you decided your child needs a rocking horse for the playroom? You can select from many designs of kids rockinghorses. Our rocking horses, for example, you can view spring horses, wood horses, or hand-painted rockers. Your children won’t need a pair of riding chaps to ride these adorable ponys, just climb up into the saddle and rock away. With such a fantastic selection of horses you’ll be amazed with the workmanship, for example our plush rocking horses designed by Carsten’s Inc. (custom made)  feature genuine lambswool mane and tail. Plus some of our collection is interactive. Press the ears to hear these horses make “galloping” and “whinnying” sounds. You surely can find the perfect gift at Best Price Toys.

Sandboxes For Creative Play With Young Children

19 August, 2010 (02:10) | Best Kids Toys, Swing Set Accessories, Wooden Swing Sets | By:

Wooden Sandboxes are a must for creative children who love to water and sand. Doesn’t every child love the feel of sand between their hands or toes? So what if you don’t live by the beach, you can bring the beaches of the world to your backyard and have a blast. With all of the toys made for this type of outdoor activity, your little ones will love scooping, shoveling, sifting and raking. They can get buckets with interesting bottoms and use them to make beautiful, intricate castles in their sandboxes. Adding water to the box makes playing in the sand boxes even more life like. In the comfort of your yard, you don’t have to worry about the pails and digging tools being swept away by the waves and the currents. Everyone is sure to love playing in one of these.

Bounce House Entertainment For Children

26 July, 2010 (04:49) | Best Kids Toys, Best Price Kids Toys, Best Price Toys, Best Toys, Bounce Houses | By:

Looking for a way to entertain you children now that school is out for the summer? Are you tired of telling the Kids to stop jumping and bouncing on the beds and furniture? Then you got to take a look at one of our inflatable bounce houses at Best Price Toys. Bounce House are a fantastic way for Kids to release energy and have fun. Jumping on a Bounce House is excellent form of exercise and great for cardio vascular systems. When Kids jump on Bounce Houses they are developing coordination skills and reflex skills. Visit our bounce house shop and you will be amazed with the designs, styles and the price. It is easy to set up and easy to take down.

Play Tents Provide Pretend Play For Kids

27 May, 2010 (16:35) | Best Kids Toys | By:

Kids Play tents are a great way for your children to pass the time. They can be sat in while little ones watch tv. They can use them to play board games in or even to color in. They can bring their sleeping bags in their play tents, unroll them, and snuggle in them while they watch movies and eat popcorn. There are princess ones for girls, where they can pretend they are the ruler of their kingdom. They can serve as a house, where little ones can pretend they have a family with friends, dolls and stuffed animals. They can also be used to play restaurant. The food can be kept in the tent and that can act as the kitchen when your child “cooks” you dinner. There are race car ones for boys where they can pretend that their play tents are zooming around the track and they are in the drivers seat.

New Line Of Nap Mats Added At Best Price Toys

9 August, 2009 (01:43) | Best Kids Toys, Sleeping Bags And Slumber Bags | By:

Preschool Astronaut Nap Mats by Wildkin, these designs include an attached blanket lined with cotton flannel plus a light layer of polyester fill for added warmth. Our Nap Mats are made from polyester print fabrics with a batting fill.

Sidewalk Cruisers By Kettler

22 July, 2009 (03:51) | Best Kids Toys, Best Price Kids Toys, Best Price Toys, Best Toys | By:

Kettler Kettrikes – Big fun on three wheels! Kettrikes are great sidewalk cruisers and children love to ride there Kettrikes.  Today is perfect day for a little outdoor fun and recreation. Order your Kettrike today and your Toddlers can cruise in style. At kettler big fun comes on three wheels equipped with many unique and patented features. All Kettrikes are perfectly designed according to the children’s anatomic roadmap of motor skills. Invigorating solutions are typical for Kettler. Our patented Quik-Adjust frame, patented Auto-Freewheel mechanism and Parental Control System all guarantee the highest level of
Safety. Kidproof engineering demonstrated that a low center of gravity combines with our Kettler exclusive patented features and exceptional manufacturing, give our Kettrikes utmost safety, quality, and innovation. Each Kettrike is cleverly designed with a patented limited turn radius of 90 degrees which offers freedom in play, but at the same time reduces the danger against tipping over.
Models include the Air Navigator, Air Happy, Happy Navigator, Jumbo, Brummi, Splash, Junior, and the Blossom. Kettler Kettrikes available at Best Price Toys now enjoy free shipping! Questions? Call us toll-free at 888-388-8697 and we will assist you with your Kettrike purchase.

Kettler Air Navigator Tricycle

Toy Pianos And Baby Grand Pianos For Children

23 February, 2009 (15:52) | Best Kids Toys, Best Price Kids Toys, Best Price Toys, Best Toys, Kids Toys, Toy Pianos | By:

When shopping for Toy Pianos for kids, Best Price Toys is your one stop shop for Toy Pianos and children’s musical instruments. We offer Schoenhut’s complete line of kids Toy Pianos & Classic Toy Pianos. Our  line includes Baby Grand Pianos, Spinet Pianos and Pianos for day cares, designed by Schoenhut Piano Co. in many classic styles. Our Toy Pianos are available in several styles and design, plus we have upright piano as well. All Pianos come with piano song books and the piano bench.

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