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Jumping And Bouncing On Moonwalks

6 April, 2013 (01:03) | Bounce Houses | By:

In stock our KidWise Clubhouse Climber is made to withstand 3 to 5 jumping toddlers who weigh in at less than 100 pounds each. Kidwise makes this unit in two versions, a residential and commercial bouncer house. The residential is designed for the single family home in the backyard. This is not made for commercial use such as Church events or summer camp programs. For these events you will need the commercial version.

For residential backyards, this is a great choice if you don’t want your backyard to look like the circus just came to town. This one is perfect in the hues of green and beige which will compliment most backyard decor. This inflatable will blend into the natural beauty Mother Earth offers. Due to the fact that is it weight based by a single user the estimate age range is 3 to 12. The inflatable can handle 1 to 5 children jumping and bouncing simultaneously. It features a few slides and when inflated measures about 16 feet by 16 feet making it a great combo unit. Once you inflate this adventure playhouse you won’t be able to keep the kids out of it. For that reason, you might have to limit the time they play inside for the simply rationale that they will never want to leave!

The blower and inflatable ship in one box and it weighs about 125 pounds. You will have to have help moving it around by using a dolly or rolling garbage which make the job easier. The rolling garbage can is great help and can be purchased at most home improvement centers. Look for the biggest one you can find.
Ask any child and will tell you what a great bounce house this is. One of the most preferred activities is on the second level where there a slide, small climbing wall and the sky walk to the tower.

For commercial use, our Clubhouse Climber weighs about 300 pounds and has three slides. One slide on the inside and two on the outside offers fun sliding for kids. This Commercial grade inflatable is just right for Churches, Schools, or if you want to start or have a rental business. This is made for six bouncing kids at one time with a weight limit of 600 pounds.

Clubhouse Climber Bounce House

Inflatable Bounce Houses

These inflatable toys are fun for kids and parents. The safety rules are easy for younger to kids to follow and parents will love how easy they are to set up and take down. Offering free shipping and a large selection shop Best Price Toys for all of your bouncing needs.

Summer Time Memories Start In Your Own Backyard

4 May, 2012 (21:24) | Bounce Houses | By:

Summer always means the children want to play outside all day long. It also means lots and lots sun and finding a way to keep the kids cool. The key element is water play with adult supervision. That’s the benefit of water play for kids; keeping them entertained and cool! Children love to keep cool by running through a sprinkler or swimming in the pool. And now thanks to the bounce house craze, inflatable water parks are another great addition to the backyard. These inflatable bouncers have water sprays, wet slides and many feature a splash pool. They are becoming increasing popular across the country thanks to the high quality designs by KidWise and Blast Zone. Two respected leaders in the industry. We have the most popular water park inflatable starting $399.99. Toss in some plastic play balls for the toddlers and you will have happy ones splashing all day. Inflate a water park in your backyard and you’ve got the makings of a great summer!

Water Parks for Kids

KidWise Bounce Houses

Bouncing For Bounce House Fun

24 January, 2012 (21:44) | Bounce Houses | By:

Guess What! This fantastic bouncer is back in stock. We have low prices on our Blast Zone line of Moonwalks and Water Parks.  Yes, Summer is not here for a few more months but did you know, the small bouncers can be used indoors.  Now is the best time to shop and enjoy Free Shipping on all of our Inflatable Bouncers, Moonwalks, Waterparks, and Bounce Houses.  It is a known fact that kids need to exercise and this is one fun way to accomplish just that. If you searching for a wooden swing set, check out our sister site at Build a Swing Set.

Little Star Bounce House

Jumping Kids Love The Monkey Explorer Bounce House

31 December, 2010 (03:59) | Bounce Houses | By:

Our Monkey Explorer bounce houses by KidWise helps to provide physical activity for hours of jumping fun outside in the fresh air. Parents can create a backyard playground with inflatable bounce houses and swing sets. Kids will have a blast as they play safe with parental supervision in the privacy and comfort of there own yard. Outdoor play time is a fantastic way to help children develop skills such as  social skills, interpersonal, motor and problem solving skills. Parents can provide children with this environment by giving kids more than a place to play.

Monkey Jumper

Princess Bounce House By KidWise Perfect For Princess Partys

5 November, 2010 (16:24) | Bounce Houses | By:

Outlined below are a few suggestions for creating a fun Princess themed celebration party for backyard entertaining. First are invitations, enlist the help of the special princess and decorate home make invitations. This fun project can easily be done with a home laptop and printer. Be inspired and embellish with stickers, and fun slogans perfect for the royal court. Try some of these phrases, “Princess Sophie requests your presence at the Princess Party”, or “Her majesty and the high court cordially invite you to attend”, or “Her Royal Highness requests your presence at the Princess Celebration“. Next, you will need the Princess Bounce House by Kidwise as the focal point of the entertainment. Kids will love it!

Inflatable Princess Bouncer

Inflatable Princess Bouncer

Hot Days And Waterpark Inflatable Fun For Kids

20 August, 2010 (21:38) | Bounce Houses | By:

On those extremely hot days bring out the garden hose and in minutes you can inflate a waterpark and start the fun. Unbearably warm days are the perfect time to bring out the inflatable waterparks for kids to cool off with. Most have easy set up instructions and they inflate in a few minutes. Simply attach the hose, turn on the water so the sprayers start up and let the party begin. Within a few minutes the kids will be having a blast.

Blast Zone Addresses Lead Content In Bounce Houses

14 August, 2010 (18:21) | Bounce Houses | By:

To Our Valued Customers:  Media attention has been drawn recently to purportedly excessive lead content in a few inflatables manufactured by a handful of companies. These charges appear directed at commercial rentals, and are absolutely not a reflection of the entire industry. In fact, Inflatables are safer, more affordable, and more exciting than ever.

In the Midst of this attention, We are happy to assure you, Blast Zone is not included in these allegations. All Blast Zone products meet or exceed US and international laws and standards. We diligently adhere to rigorous testing standards to ensure a safe product for children. Our materials are tested frequently, and we have long-standing relationships with trusted suppliers, whom we audit for compliance. Blast Zone is committed to the safety of your children.

While Blast Zone also produces Commercial Inflatables, our commercial vinyl meets or exceeds these same international toy standards for lead, phthalates, etc. (as outlined by ASTM, The Consumer Product Safety Commission and other applicable governing bodies.)

Because Blast Zone products are carried by retailers worldwide, our products conform to the most stringent standards in order to meet the criteria of so many major distributors, who regularly verify compliance of Blast Zone products. We take pride in providing safe, fun, healthy toys for your children, which is our utmost goal.

We will continue to show our commitment to safety by uploading additional testing reports on our materials on a regular basis. Below is a condensed version of one of our recent tests, demonstrating Blast Zone’s contaminant free, safe product.

Thank you for supporting Blast Zone, the worlds premier inflatable manufacturer, and Happy Bouncing

– Blast Zone Executive Management

Bounce House Entertainment For Children

26 July, 2010 (04:49) | Best Kids Toys, Best Price Kids Toys, Best Price Toys, Best Toys, Bounce Houses | By:

Looking for a way to entertain you children now that school is out for the summer? Are you tired of telling the Kids to stop jumping and bouncing on the beds and furniture? Then you got to take a look at one of our inflatable bounce houses at Best Price Toys. Bounce House are a fantastic way for Kids to release energy and have fun. Jumping on a Bounce House is excellent form of exercise and great for cardio vascular systems. When Kids jump on Bounce Houses they are developing coordination skills and reflex skills. Visit our bounce house shop and you will be amazed with the designs, styles and the price. It is easy to set up and easy to take down.

Bounce House Fun For Summer Entertainment For Kids

22 July, 2010 (18:51) | Bounce Houses | By:

Summer days tend to be long and hot and one fantastic idea for entertainment is to set up a bounce house or inflatable water park in your backyard. Consider purchasing an inflatable if you don’t already have one. The prices are reasonable and you will own it for years of use. It’s a better option than renting, plus you can be flexible with it’s use if the weather is not cooperating. Take a look at the brands of Blast Zone and Kidwise. Both companies have been making these big toys in several different styles and price ranges. Look for a unit that can be used wet or dry as this gives you more play value for the dollars spent. To ensue the safety of children and increase the longevity of the toy the manufacturers will have a maximum number of users at the same time and a weight limit. Children using the inflatable at the same time will have to be monitored so tell the kids to take turns and be patient as they wait. These companies include the blower, stakes, and repair kits in the boxes when you make a purchase. Plus, Blast Zone offers a 90 day warranty on the bouncer and one year on the blowers. Kidwise also has a one year warranty on the blower and a 30 day warranty on the bouncer.

Inflatable Water Park

Inflatable Water Park

Double Shot Bounce House Sale

6 October, 2009 (17:23) | Bounce Houses | By:

Our Double Shot bouncer is arriving next week so take a look at this great bounce house and pre-order today! Bounce Houses are a lot of fun, so take a look at one of our KidWise inflatable bounce houses sold at Best Price Toys. These inflatable toys are a great way for Kids to release energy and have fun. Jumping on a Bounce House is excellent form of exercise and great fun for kids. When children jump on the Double Shot they are developing coordination skills and reflex skills.  This inflatable unit comes with 6″ NEOPRENE BALLS. Plus, anyone can play Hoops on the outside of the Inflatable bouncer area which expands the play area. In minutes you are ready to play.

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