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Spending Time Outdoors – Why Being Outside is Beneficial to Your Kids

21 January, 2014 (00:46) | Metal Swing Sets | By:

Ask any child and they will tell without a doubt; they love having fun in the backyard; especially if there is a wooden swing set for them to play on. You can purchase residential wooden swing sets in a wide variety of materials and sizes. Your choices when it comes to type of lumber used in the design of swing sets include cedar, pine, or redwood. Many individuals appreciated the natural beauty of wood and like the way it compliments the garden and outside setting. Installation is somewhat easy with many of the wood playsets and if you don’t think it is something you are willing to spend time on, there are plenty of contractors who do installation for a living. For the most part, wood playsets are built safe and made to be very sturdy, sturdy and durable. These designs are simple to complex from small to very large most are straightforward to put together if you follow the step by step instructions.

Metal is a preferred choice for many since it can withstand most awful weather conditions such as rain, snow and wind. When the legs post are anchored in cement most are sturdy enough to meet adverse weather conditions and strong enough to meet the strains put on the apparatus by kids. In other words, the metal swing set can handle just about anything a child can throw its way.

Metal Swing Set

Kettler Metal Swing Set

A number of the many fun accessories available for purchase are glider and rocket riders, slides and climber, plus a wide array of swings. When making a choice look for accessories that are sized for the age of the child. Also, think about how the child will play with the accessory and is it beneficial to their creative minds and does it promote exercise. Just like playing on a swing set encourages other skills, so does the accessories that are on the wood playset. There are many healthy reasons for a child to play outdoors and the benefits are fantastic. Playing on a swing set offers many ways for a child to exercise while having a great time.


These metal and wood playsets can include an assortment of pieces including rock walls, gliders, climbers, monkey bars and tower toys. While youngsters are playing outside they use their resourcefulness, imagination, ingenuity and communication skills all while exercising. The type of equipment doesn’t really matter as long as it is safe and engages children through creative play. The key is proper installation and adult supervision and following the safe play rules so kids do not get hurt. Always refer to the owner’s manual or installation book and adhere to the guidelines. When adults are present, this on-going supervision is a key ingredients of making swing sets enjoyable for playtime.

How Gorilla Playsets Help Develop Motor Skills

25 April, 2013 (20:09) | Metal Swing Sets | By:

Ok, so you want to create memorable times with your children right? Yes, precisely what does that suggest? Who identifies with this thought? As parents; you understand this: you want to have the greatest memories of happy times with your kids. You want them to enjoy playing outside with their toys. It also means you want the best for them. You want them to enjoy their playthings, toys, games and most importantly you want their toys to offer an educational value because this helps to teach and develop their motor skills. Educational value is important when we shop in the stores. Educational toys that encourage their development and expand motor skills in addition to teaching are easy to purchase in the stores because of the excellent selection.

Maintaining happy active kids might not always be an easy task but it is a challenge we welcome. If truth be told; most parents will agree that it is a challenge! Parents welcome ideas on how to keep them engaged without letting them become bored. With that being said, studies have suggested that play presents unbelievable importance to a child’s well-being.

One of the top things that show instantaneous results is have fun on a residential swing sets. Children love to move backward and forward when swinging as they play outside. Observing them play and watching how happy and active they are says one thing “active children are happy children”, they tend to be smiling most of the time. In any case, you want to keep them busy and healthy with plenty of smiles, laughter and making memories along the way.

The advantages of buying a backyard playset are many. Playing is a work out and helps keep kids fit so they benefits from physical activity. Physical activity is good for all ages. Working on upper and lower body muscles will assist them in keeping fit.

Coordination, dexterity, and balance all compliment each other and go hand in hand. Study the way a child uses the muscles in their legs as they use swings. Watch them as they ascend up the rock wall. Hand them the rope from a climbing ramp and watch as they pull themselves up. You will be amazed at how much upper body strength they use on these activities. These are fun activities and supports balance and coordination which in turn helps build self confidence. Children also benefit as their range of motion increases.

The advantages of playing on a Gorilla Playset are plentiful. Children learn communication, gross motor, cognitive, agility and dexterity skills. Have you heard that wooden swing set or metal swing set are enticing and attract children into the backyard? That they catch the attention of the entire neighborhood kids who want to play in your backyard? The reason for this is pretty easy to explain, it’s the “visual appearance”, and “visual attention”, and kids are instantly drawn to. Endurance and patience is learned while they wait for their turn. Plus; they learn teamwork and getting along with one another.

Creative and motivated play is an added bonus to making memories; nothing can discourage a great imagination. That is what wooden playsets are all about. Sunshine and fresh air is easy to enjoy when your kids are outside playing.

Mom and dad often purchase or look for the hottest toys and ask, “Does my child need or really want this toy?” Take some time to learn about the benefits of owning a gorilla swing sets, metal swing sets, and wood swing sets.

Build A Swing Set For The Kids To Play On

9 May, 2012 (01:12) | Metal Swing Sets | By:

Children love to swing and it doesn’t matter what type of swing set they are playing on. Kids do not care if they are built of our metal or made from wood. Just ask them! All they care about is swinging and climbing. After all, to parents that means hours of fun as the kids are swinging back and forth or climbing about. Keeping them entertained and occupied during their vacation time and the long days of summer can be a challenge for anyone. The question always pops up, “what will the kids do during summer vacation”? Planned events might include tripe to the beach, family vacation, barbecues and trips to amusement parks. Of course the kids will tell you all they want to do is play outside with their friends and have fun. Having a safe and fun summer vacation is important to all and what better way than having a swing set in your own backyard, right?

Lots of people think the metal swing sets will rust and won’t last very long because they believe they will simply fall apart. However, that is just not the case because there are manufacturers like the Kettler brand who build high quality units that come with a guarantee for 5 years. That is a fantastic warranty that other brands do not offer. In fact, most of the other brands have a 180 day warranty. Metal swing sets will not tip over if you anchor them into the ground properly. That means you will need anchors and a cement mixture. Anchoring your swing set legs in concrete that is placed below ground level and not exposed in plain view. By completing this part of the building process you are making sure the play set is secured properly for safe play.

Trimmstation Installation Tips – Metal Swing Set

8 January, 2011 (19:29) | Metal Swing Sets | By:

The biggest tip I can offer is this, when you are ready to assemble the Trimmstation make sure you label all the parts first and then lay the parts on a tarp if you have one. Remember, to keep young kids away from the nuts and bolts during the swing set assemble because they can become a choking hazard. Organizing the parts before you begin will make it easier to assemble. It is not difficult to build once you have labeled and identified the parts. This will take about ½ hour and is time well spent. A little organization will keep the stress level in low gear and you should have it completed about 2 to 3 hours. To make the process easier you should have two people working together to build it. Due to the fact that the directions are in English and German you should read them twice before starting. The directions are illustrated images that show the assemble process that you can follow.

The set has 6 support legs that are cemented into the ground. These 6 holes will need to be about 15 to 18 inched deep. Visit your local hardware store and buy individual bags of cement for each leg. You should need around 4 to 6 bags and keep the receipt so you can return any unopened extra bags. If you will also need to ensure the ground is level.

Amazing Metal Swing Sets by Kettler Swing Set

3 January, 2011 (04:45) | Metal Swing Sets | By:

Kettler swing sets are top notch and you can’t beat the value and quality they offer. This is especially true of the brand new  deluxe collection.  Quality is an understatement and the name Deluxe simple refers to fantastic quality.  For example, sturdy, strong, powder coated steel frame finished in primary bright colors. KETTLER® utilizes the highest carbon steel that will not bow with use. A three year warranty that covers the special double coated polyester power coat finish against fading. The KETTLER® Swing set is well known for its uncompromising quality & safety by the leading German Testing Institute.

Metal Swing Set For Holiday Gift Giving

30 October, 2010 (22:39) | Metal Swing Sets | By:

The Holidays are rapidly approaching and if you need ideas for presents take into consideration the Kettler line of metal swing sets. This brand of swing sets is extremely high quality. They are made for kids to enjoy and  lots of fun for children playing on their line of  metal swing sets.  Because everyone love swinging this unit has fun activities guaranteed a bring smiles. Metal Swing Sets are usually made from steel and painted in bright bold (primary) colors. Do you recall as a child trying to go really high so you would go over the top of the bar? Please if you see your kids doing exactly that stop them because is unsafe.

Metal Swing Sets That Are Made Strong

28 October, 2010 (23:03) | Metal Swing Sets | By:

Kettler has a reputation that can’t be matched when it comes the building their line of metal swing sets. Metal technology use by Kettler has influenced the swing set industry. Our metal swing sets are made with improved materials on the market making them a fantastic choice for parents. Metal swing sets are safe and durable enough to provide many years of usage. The lower price of these swing sets means they are more affordable. One benefit of buying a swing set for your kids is it provides exercise and outdoor fun. Most doctors recommend that children get an hour of exercise a day. Best Price Toys offers the largest selection of both metal and wood swing sets and the entire line is on sale today.

Gorilla Playsets Fall Sale On Sun Valley Wood Sets

29 September, 2010 (17:58) | Metal Swing Sets | By:

Just added 4 new designs on wood swing sets. Huge Fall sale on Gorilla Playsets starts today. When it comes to wood swing sets you have to do your research and you will find out what makes these sets so popular. You can take advantage of our sale today, on the Blue Ridge Chateau and the Sun Valley lines which is made with strong wood. Gorilla Playsets. Check it out today and save!

Kettler Trimmstation Swing Set Sale

6 September, 2010 (18:34) | Metal Swing Sets | By:

With spring right around the corner you maybe thinking about outdoor play and metal swing sets. If you consider a purchase of the Kettler Swing Sets called the Trimmstation.  Wonderful playsets, these are  German engineered; well-built; simply are the best on the market! If you been thinking about ordering now is time because these will sell out fast. Kids love never having to leave the backyard when they want to play outside. The Kettler Trimmstation Metal Swing Set is a great climbing station! These metal swing sets have many benefits only found on playgrounds a swinging rope, a swinging bar, a swing seat, a pull up bar and monkey bars!

Kids Having Fun On A Metal Swing Set

30 July, 2010 (04:28) | Metal Swing Sets | By:

Summer fun equals kids playing on metal swing sets. Playing is always a fun activity during summer vacation for children. Especially if they are swinging on a metal swing set. Adults and children alike, enjoy the freedom of movement as they soar through the air. Everyone love swinging because this activity is always fun and almost always guarantees a big smile. Metal Swing Sets are usually made from  steel and painted in bright bold (primary) colors. Do you remember as a child trying to go really high so you would go over the top of the bar? Remember, your friends pushing you higher and higher. Well, that is really unsafe to soar like that and as parents we need to educate our children not to attempt going over the top bars.

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