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Month: July, 2008

Plastic Coated Swing Sets And Metal Swing Sets

31 July, 2008 (20:55) | Best Kids Toys, Best Price Kids Toys, Best Price Toys, Wooden Swing Sets | By:

Take time to learn about what other fantastic brands in swing sets that are available for residential backyards. You probably already know about the KidWise Monkey Playsystems, plastic coated swing sets or Kettler line of metal swing sets straight from Germany, but of course there are so many more brands than just those. You should really learn more and see them for yourself. You will love the quality and your Kids will want to play outside. Also, let me just say that you have to look at Swing N Slide and Gorilla Playsets Swing Sets. Visit the website before you do anything else today.

Tiger Den

Swing-N-Slide Makes Fun Swing Set Accessories For Two Or More Kids

30 July, 2008 (01:46) | Glider Swings, Swing Set Accessories, Wooden Swing Sets | By:

Swing-N-Slide is a brand that is well known in the playground industry. They have been in business for a very long time. Do you need to revamp an existing swing set or just looking for different play options for children. Then, it’s a good idea to take a look at the website of Best Price Toys often to see what swing set accessories has recently arrived and for the current swing set promotions. For example, glider swings for two have been recently introduced by Swing N Slide and include the Sky Hawk, EZ Rider and the Mega Rider Glider. These accessories make for incredible fun on swing sets.

Skyhawk Glider Swing

Super Swing Set Sale On All Swing Set Models

29 July, 2008 (00:56) | Wooden Swing Sets | By:

Extra, extra, real all about it, Best Price Toys is having a sale on the entire line of swing sets.  That includes all metal swing set, all wooden swing set, and plastic swing set. Our manufacturers are all involved in this sale, including KidWise Monkey Playsystems, Gorilla Playsets, Creative Playthings, Swing-N-Slide, TimberTots, Kettler just to mention a few.  Every single swing set is on sale now until the end of August. Choose from maintenance free Plastic Coated Lumber, Pine, Cedar, Redwood or Metal. Our featured manufacturer for the month of July is KidWise and there great line of Monkey Playsystems.

Day Care Durable Spinet Toy Pianos For Daycare’s

27 July, 2008 (16:59) | Best Kids Toys, Best Price Kids Toys, Best Price Toys, Best Toys, Bounce Houses, Swing Set Accessories, Toy Pianos | By:

Schoenhut Piano Company’s Day Care Durable Spinet can withstand a whole school full of inspiring musical artiste. This toy piano has 37-keys and crafted by hand from solid maple, birch and meant to endure active play. The keyboard is three octaves wide, so children can use both hands. The chromatically tuned instrument plays chime-like notes with little hammers striking precision-ground steel rods from Germany. The Day Care Durable Spinet toy piano is recommended for toddlers ages 3 and up.

Day Care Durable Toy Pianos

Creative Playthings Swing Set Company Builds Rock Solid Swing Sets

27 July, 2008 (14:58) | Best Kids Toys, Best Price Kids Toys, Best Price Toys, Best Toys, Wooden Swing Sets | By:

Creative Playthings is a good name for this company, because if you purchase their swing sets, you will definitely be installing a creative play area for your children. Though a lot of people like to have intricate wooden swing sets, with lots of forts and slides, the quality at Creative Playthings are far from standard. They know what they’re doing. All of our swing set Gym uprights are braced to the platform in two directions. These angle brace supports keep the Wooden Swing Set rock solid through years of hard play.

Creative Playthings Thistle Swing Set

Kids Toy Piano That Teach Chord To Chord On The Piano

26 July, 2008 (14:53) | Best Kids Toys, Best Price Kids Toys, Best Price Toys, Best Toys, Toy Pianos | By:

If you are in the market for a child’s toy piano, then Best Price Toys is a good place too start, as they carry the brand of Schoenhut. There toy pianos include spinet pianos, baby grand pianos, and daycare pianos. Make sure that the size of the keyboard is just right, because you want a piano that will inspire your children to play music. A removable color strip fits behind the keys to guide small fingers from chord to chord-thus teaching children proper “finger stretch” from the very beginning and making the transition to a large piano easy, plus you will receive a free song book. With that in mind, it is also a good idea to order early for Christmas as most models sell out by late November or early December.

Daycare Durable Toy Pianos

Swing Set Education And Why It Is Important

26 July, 2008 (06:09) | Swing Set Accessories, Wooden Swing Sets | By:

Swing Sets vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, that’s why you need to read our swing set buyers guide. After all, researching swing set is very important. Swing Sets have unique designs with a wide range of different slides, forts, tower, and swing set accessories. Visit us online, with over 85 models to choose from, were sure you’ll find just the exact requirements you are looking for.

Frontier Swing Set

Summer Swing Set Sale Extended Until End Of July

25 July, 2008 (20:30) | Wooden Swing Sets | By:

Have you been thinking about purchasing a swing set? Well, now is the time to order, our summer sale has been extended, with over 80 different wooden swing sets and metal swing sets to choose from…now is the time to order. Children enjoy swing sets just about year round depending upon your climate. Children love swing sets in the fall when the air is a bit cooler. Children love outdoor play year round so why not take advantage of our swing set sale and order today.

Tiger Den Swing Set

Creative Playthings Swing Sets Or Gorilla Playsets Swing Sets You Pick

24 July, 2008 (13:36) | Wooden Swing Sets | By:

The Creative Playthings Swing Set Company knows what is important to you when it comes to safety on swing set -it’s there top priority. So, when you use purchase swing sets, you’ll visually notice the quality especially in the wood and hardware. These wooden swing sets encourage Children to exercise and as they enjoy backyard fun. But what if what you really need is a gigantic wooden swing set with 2 or more slides, gliders for two, trapeze bars, etc..? Then check out the Gorilla Playsets Highlander Series manufactured by Gorilla Playsets .  The Highlander I and HighlanderII  is one of the largest swing sets out there, but they have others as well, such as the Blue Ridge line.

Highlander II Swing Set

Swing Sets For Residential Backyards And Playgrounds

20 July, 2008 (18:39) | Metal Swing Sets, Wooden Swing Sets | By:

Outdoor playground experiences are a great way for children to develop social, motor, interpersonal and problem solving skills. When parents provide children with this environment, in the safety of your own backyard, you are giving them more than just a place to hang out. Take for instance the swings and slide, for example, Kids learn to take turns and develop patience as they wait. Our swing sets are strong and durable, so no matter which playset model you select, we’re sure you’ll be happy with the purchase.

Monkey Playsystems Swing Sets

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