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Month: October, 2008

Swing N Slide Product Review

31 October, 2008 (03:15) | Wooden Swing Sets | By:

Swing N Slide created the Rapid-Loc system, which was designed specifically for use with 4×4 lumber dimensions. Swing-N-Slide swing sets are made to last. You can be confident that by using larger dimensional lumber in the construction of your swing set your backyard playground will remain more structurally sound in an upright position when assembled according to our detailed illustrated plans. We put kids first! Highest Quality Standards and Swing-N-Slide swing sets are Safe.

Brentwood Swing Set

Brand New Custom Made Sleeping Bags In 3 Sized For Kids

31 October, 2008 (03:08) | Sleeping Bags And Slumber Bags | By:

Our boys and girls Sleeping bags are sewn with beautiful fabrics and are made in the USA. That’s right, quality  product line is hand made to order in Ohio. These includes unique indoorsleeping bags for children. They are great for parties and are manufactured from 100% cotton prints and 65-35 poly-cotton broad cloth solids quilted to 16 oz. bonded poly fiber batting. We offer a large selection of beautiful fabrics is rich colors and plush. You can choose a warm flannel lining, minky dot plush or cotton for the inside. Soft and cozy is what the brand of KidsComfortz is all about.

Blast Zone Sale Order Today And Save

28 October, 2008 (22:15) | Bounce Houses | By:

Just announced today, save 5% on all Blast Zone bounce houses and water-parks. That’s right the entire line of Blast Zone Bounce Houses. Plus, it gets even better, prices are reduced on our entire line of Bounce House by KidWise and Bounceland Fun. Christmas is around the corner and now is the time to shop our new arrivals of inflatables, water slides, moonwalks, Waterparks, and Bounce Houses all with free shipping. It is a known fact that children love to jump and bounce so keep them happy and bouncing all season with a great bounce house from Best Price Toys.Crocodile Water Park Inflatable

Swing N Slide Product Review The Winchester Swing Set

28 October, 2008 (14:13) | Wooden Swing Sets | By:

Fantastic, Swing N Slide newest swing set called the Winchester on now on Sale. What we love about this huge swing set is the three Play Decks totaling 32 sq. ft. Another thing, is the slide is placed away from the swings as an added safety feature. The Winchester Swing set comes with pre-cut premium lumber, award-winning Rapid-Loc Bracket System. The top fort has a peek a boo window and little cafe canopy above the picnic table. This is one of the best looking swing sets we’ve seen in a long time. Check out the cool  feature which  is the peak-a-poo window on the top level.

Winchester Swing Set

Kettler Swing Sets Are Awesome Swing Sets

20 October, 2008 (22:24) | Metal Swing Sets | By:

Have you heard of Kettler Swing Sets for kids? These are German engineered and they are the best! There are many perks to owning swing sets! One of the perks is never having to leave the backyard when your child wants to play outside. The Kettler Trimmstation Metal Swing Set is a great play station! These swing sets have many features only found on playgrounds a swinging rope, a swinging bar,  a swing seat, a pull up bar and monkey bars!

Residential Wooden Swing Sets Designed To Be Safe And Fun

19 October, 2008 (13:44) | Wooden Swing Sets | By:

Have you been wanting to transform your backyard into an exciting outdoor playground. With one of our Residential Wooden Swing Sets available at Best Price Toys you can do just that. Our Creative Playthings Swing Sets come in various sizes to fit outdoor spaces large and small. Our backyard swing sets are also loaded with standard features that will have your kids sliding, climbing, and having fun in no time. You may also add exciting and innovative swing set accessories swings, full buckets, gliders, tire swings and much more at any time. Creative Playthings Swing Sets are designed to be safe, secure, and fun!

Llightning Swing Set

Outdoor Toys Play Structures Swings, Slides And Gyms

17 October, 2008 (01:00) | Wooden Swing Sets | By:

Visit Best Price Toys to find outdoor toy structures and wooden playsets-swing sets that are completely packaged and shipped to your home. These outdoor structures are like magnets for kids in the neighborhood, and they all will be in your backyard for playtime. From Jungle Gyms to climbing frames and outdoor wooden swing sets, for sure you will be amazed with the selection at Best Price Toys. Browse our shop to view a gigantic selection of swings, slides, wooden swing set and find what you want now, all on side!

eagles lookout swing set

Gorilla Playsets Incredible Sale Now Until November 30th

15 October, 2008 (23:56) | Wooden Swing Sets | By:

Fantastic Gorilla Playsets Sale, sale starts today until the December 1st. Choosing is difficult, especially when purchasing a swing set. Wooden versus metal, full buckets, plastic coated, picnic tables or lunch counters, sling swings, molded swings, and wave slides or straight slides, yes there are alot of choices. You need a strong swing set with proven durability. Gorilla Playsets offers you fantastic styles plus quality construction that can handle hard play by children. Even better, the peace of mind with built in safety features, that can be yours when you select a Gorilla Playset. Yes, Gorilla Playsets provides you with one less thing to worry about.

Pioneer Peak Swing Set

Blue Ridge Chateau With Maintenance-Free Poly Coated Green Wooden Beams

15 October, 2008 (16:46) | Wooden Swing Sets | By:

Many swing set manufacturers have great collections. Many of those can be found at the Best Price Toys. In fact, if you can’t find it there, you probably don’t need it in the first place. For instance, consider Gorilla Playsets which also manufacturers swing set accessories, plus other great lines, they offer the Blue Ridge line, which includes the our top selling swing set, the Blue Ridge Chateau. This is a large playset with many options and if you don’t like that one, there is sure to be one – or more – that you do like.

Blue Ridge Chateau

Blue Ridge Chateau features Maintenance-Free Poly Coated GREEN Wooden Beams – Gorilla Playsets uses maintenance-free poly coated wooden beams for a splinter-free and weather resistant finish. These lumber components are treated against termites and dry rot, and then they are coated and sealed permanently. The treatment does not contain any heavy metals or arsenic, is environmentally safe, and harmless to humans and pets. The coating process is a copolymer polyethylene that has superior Ultraviolet (UV) stabilization properties and will not yellow, split, chip, crack, peel, or blister in any climate.

Slide Safety To Keep In Mind

15 October, 2008 (01:17) | Wooden Swing Sets | By:

Slide Safety to Keep In Mind

Empower your children with the knowledge to play safe on slides so that they learn to recognize hazards and avoid dangerous situations on the playground. Children should learn about Slide safety when playing on the playground or in there own backyard. We know that when children visit the local park the first thing they head for is the slides. We know that children love to climb and then slide so safety is a concern for parents and care-givers Parents should teach and follow the guidelines at all times so that children understand and follow the rules.

Teach the children to always go down the slide feet first and never head first. These safety guidelines apply to wooden swing set , metal swing set and combo bounce houses that have slides. Children need to understand why they should not go down a slide head first. Instruct the children to never run down the slide and to never climb from the bottom of the slide up to the top of the slide. Also, make sure they don’t run up the slide. Always teach Kids to look before coming down the slide to ensure that the slide is clear. When children reach the bottom of the slide they should get off and move away quickly so the next child can slide down. Remind children to stay off metal slides as they can become very hot and children might suffer burns. Children should always have shoes on and should not be barefoot. Adult supervision is always a must when children are playing.

There are many types of slides on the market today by several manufacturers. Many of the slide features high density or 100% polyethylene slides and feature UV blocked and stabilized. Look for manufactures who guaranteed there slides not to crack or break, and covered by a lifetime warranty. Slides should be smooth to the touch with no seams or rough edges.

Listed below are a few descriptions of Slides that are available.

Wave Slide – Polyethylene construction with a molded foam design. One piece, single wave design produced from a mold with solid reinforced side walls that require no additional support. Also, has thick rails and reinforced bulkheads for greater strength, and most are rated at 250 pounds. Available in two sizes, the 8 foot slide attaches to a 4 foot high play deck and the 10 foot slide attached to a 5 foot high play deck.

Super Straight Slides- This design features a double wall, roto-molded slide that has a solid base so you do not have to use wood. Also features a scoop design and can be attached to 5 foot, 6 foot or 7 foot play decks.

Super Wave Slide – Features double wall roto-molded slide with a solid base so there is no wood frame required. This slide is designed for a 5’deck height

Spiral Slides – These have an open design with sectional pieces for easy assembly. They are made of structural foam, injection molded and are used on 5 foot deck height only. The spiral slides are usually available in yellow or green.

Radical Ride Slide – These slides are designed in sectional pieces and are constructed with vacuum formed polyethylene. Radical slides are for 5 foot high play decks and can easily be installed..

Radical Ride Turbo Slide- Manufactured with vacuum formed polyethylene and designed for a 7′ deck height

Scoop Slides- Three piece design, with rotational molded scoop slide and the entrance and exit sections.

Slide Handles- Provides an extra boost for sliding. Children use the handles to get ready to slide down and then let go!

Please keep in mind that there are many manufacturers of slides and the safety rules for each slide manufacturer may differ so please read your owners manual for complete details.

Best Price Toys offers safety and education tips to parents and caregivers. They are focused on parents, and wants them to properly teach children to play safe on equipment. Best Price Toys, is a leading children’s playground store, and educational toys website were the focus is on outdoor play and exercise for children. You can visit our store to learn more about Swing Sets and Swing Set safety for Kids.

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