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Month: June, 2009

Bounce Houses Equal Birthday Fun

28 June, 2009 (02:49) | Bounce Houses | By:

Are you planning a birthday party or a special event that involves children? Are you thinking “What type of entertainment will we provide”? If it’s your child’s birthday party, why not entertain them in a very special way and purchase an inflatable bounce house. The Kid’s will never forget all the bouncing fun they had. Is the event for a church group, or charity event, if so there are many commercial bounce houses on the market. No matter what the event, a Bounce House can be a lot of fun and with so many different options available you are surely to find out that will be perfect. Inflatables are a great way to add fun to any party.

Lucky Rainbow Bouncer

Designed to be filled with air  before use, inflatables can resemble a princess castle, pirate ships, or object when inflated. They come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from obstacle courses to waterparks plus the traditional bounce house. Most inflatable structures have 4 walls allowing for children to jump around the inside safely. Before you rent a bounce house take a look at what’s available to purchase. Take into consideration the number of children attending the function and there age range. Pay close attention to the product descriptions as each bounce house has weight limits and recommended ages to follow to ensure safe bouncing fun for all.

Kids SandBoxes And Sand Toys For Summer Time Fun

24 June, 2009 (00:47) | Kids Toys, Swing Set Accessories | By:

Kids Sand boxes have been around for years and are made in all kinds of shapes and configurations. Kids have a blast with sand not to mention how creative they can be. Sand toys have lots to offer including sensory, building, and Children will enjoy working together as build sand castles, pies and cakes. Today, the market offers plastic sandbox, wood sandboxes, and then there are themed sandboxes, such a boats and pirates.These are not just any old wood box, but built with style, canopies and tarps, and some even have storage built in plus seating. For all around creative play, especially digging sand boxes are the perfect backyard accessory. Parents and children can engage in fun backyard play with these toys.

sand boxes

Gorilla Playsets Super Sale On Swing Sets

23 June, 2009 (21:09) | Wooden Swing Sets | By:

Any swing set manufacturer provides their retailers with excellent choices and built with safety and children in mind. Many of those can be found at Best Price Toys. In fact, if you can’t find it there, you probably don’t need it in the first place. For instance, consider the Gorilla Playsets and there Blue Ridge collection of wooden swing sets.  The Blue Ridge lines boasts some unique features like wood roofs with chimneys and upgraded scoop slides. Among other great collections, they offer the huge Big Skye Series. Big enough for 8 to 10 Kids plus they are built with several slides and forts – what more could you ask for? If you don’t like that one, there is sure to be one or more that you do like.

swing sets

Kettler Swing Set Review

23 June, 2009 (04:13) | Metal Swing Sets | By:

Best Price Toys loves the Kettler swing sets, especially the deluxe collection which was introduced in early 2007. I wonder if Kettler named it Deluxe due to it’s fine quality and super craftmanship. For example, Strong, powder coated steel frame finished in primary vibrant colors. KETTLER® utilizes the highest carbon steel that will not bow with use. Special double coated polyester power coat finish that is warranted for 3 years against fading. Our number selling metal swing set by Kettler is built for safe play without compromise. The KETTLER® Swing set is recognized for its uncompromising quality & safety by the leading German Testing Institute. Four ground anchors firmly secured into cement will hold the swing set in place. High impact resin seats with adjustable ropes ensure a perfect swing every time. Proudly made in Germany, we can honestly boast that we simple love the brand and the quality offered by the Kettler Company.

kettler swing set

Swing Sets Make Backyard Entertainment For Kids Fun

20 June, 2009 (01:29) | Wooden Swing Sets | By:

At Best Price Toys we believe that if swing set quality is poor, there’s no need to carry it in our store.  We know that our customers only want the best and that means a high quality, well constructed playsets. It’s why we go out of our way to make swing sets that are made of only strong lumber and with quality hardware, components and superior craftsmanship that will entertain children for hours. Our collection is extensive so do your research and don’t forget about our buyers guide on our website. We believe an educated consumer will make the right decision for your family, budget and space requirements.

swing set

Hand Sewn Sleeping Bags For Kids

20 June, 2009 (01:20) | Sleeping Bags And Slumber Bags | By:

Hand sewn line of girls Slumber bags and Sleeping bags that are custom made to order. Large selection of  beautiful fabrics in broadcloth, silks, and minky dots. Sleeping bags are perfect for hanging out with friends at parties, also known as slumber parties. Our line of sleeping bags will satisfy kids who dream of taking the comfort of their own home to a friend’s sleepover party. Children love to camp out there own backyard and we have perfect line of outdoor play tents and teepees. We stock one of the largest selection of children’s sleeping bags by famous maker brands which are adorable and affordable.

Sleeping Bags

Swing Sets Made From Steel By Kettler

20 June, 2009 (01:14) | Best Price Kids Toys | By:

Metal Technology Leads To Better Metal Swing Set Construction. With improved materials on the market, metal swing sets are a fantastic option. Metal swing sets are safe and durable enough to provide many years of usage. The lower price of these swing sets means they are more affordable. One benefit of buying a swing set for your kids is it provides exercise and outdoor fun. Most doctors recommend that children get an hour of exercise a day. Best Price Toys offers the largest selection of both metal and wood swing sets and the entire line is on sale today.
Kettler Deluxe Single Swing Set

Slumber Bags And Sleeping Bags For Kids

16 June, 2009 (02:53) | Sleeping Bags And Slumber Bags | By:

Kids line of Slumber bags and Sleeping bags available at Best Price Toys. Sleeping bags are perfect for slumber parties with friends. Our line of sleeping bags are custom made to order and will delight kids of all ages. Kids want to take the comfort of their own home to grandma’s house, a friend’s sleepover, slumber party and even to camp. They are a must have when sleeping over at Grandparents house or overnight visits with cousins. Children love to camp out in backyards so check out our line of outdoor play tents and teepees. Best Price Toys stocks the largest selection online of kids sleeping bags by famous maker brands such as Fireside Comforts, Bazoongi Kids, and Carstens just to mention a few.

Sleeping Bags

Blue Ridge Pioneer Peak Swing Set Sale

16 June, 2009 (00:40) | Best Price Kids Toys | By:

The Blue Ridge Pioneer Peak Swing Set offers plenty of play features all for a great price. This playset has great safety features and resilient components making this one strong set. This swing set lumber is pine and it is factory-stained and sealed plus the corner posts and top swing beams are vinyl-coated which makes it resistant to rot decay and insect damage. Children will love the 4 x 6  playhouse which features a tongue and groove wooden roof with chimney. This helps to provide a little bit of shade so the children can escape from the heat. There’s even a clatterbridge connecting both towers.  The Kids walk the clatterbridge to a soop slide and to the 2nd play tower.  Toddlers can play with the Tic-Tac-Toe spinner panel which provides lots of fun. Deluxe climbing ramp with knotted rope helps build upper strenght as the children climb up.

Pioneer Peak Swing Set

Kids Love To Monkey Around On Monkey Swing Sets

15 June, 2009 (23:22) | Metal Swing Sets, Wooden Swing Sets | By:

One of the great things about swing sets is that they enhance the beauty of your backyard landscaping. For example, if you have a white plastic fencing in your backyard, we offer the Monkey Playsystem in white plastic with blue accessories. Parents will love the look and quality of our Monkey Playsystem Swing Sets. Our Monkey swing sets also come in brown and green for a more natural backyard setting. Kids love play time outside and swing sets offer lots of entertainment and play value. Best Price Toys offers many high quality playsets that are affordable and built strong.

swing sets

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