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Month: July, 2009

Sleeping Bags Are A Fun Way for Little Ones to Enjoy

24 July, 2009 (02:43) | Sleeping Bags And Slumber Bags | By:

Boys and Girls alike love sleeping bags!  Whether they are used at nap time, or when they are going to a slumber party at a friends house, a sleeping bag is a must have. Purchasing a child’s sleeping bag can be a lot of fun especially if you allow your child to help in the selection process. There are many designs to choose from since there are hundreds of different sleeping bags for kids on the market today. Do your research and remember to consider these features and benefits when choosing the perfect sleep-n-bag.

Wildzzz Slumber Bag by Cricketzzz

Wildzzz Slumber Bag by Cricketzzz

Size – Consider the height of your child when picking a size. School age children will not be comfortable in an adult size sleeping bag. Toddlers will feel lost in a child size bag. There are several different sizes of bags from toddler, child to teen and adult sizes. Furthermore, you want your child to be comfortable when away from home so the right size bag does make a difference. This is nice as well because as your child grows, there will always be a sleeping bag on the market that will fit them.

Radio Flyer Wagons Engineered For Safety by Radio Flyer

23 July, 2009 (16:08) | Radio flyer | By:

At Best Price Toys, we know that kids are tough on toys. That’s why we love the Radio Flyer Brand of ride on toys and wagons for children. Radio Flyer provides parents with peace of mind, by making sure that there toys are never tough on kids. They have always been pioneers in toy safety engineering. In fact, most of the features described here are Radio Flyer exclusives.
A. Heavy duty casters combine maneuverability with stability, so wagons can make tight turns without tipping over.
B. Large ring grip on handle is easy to hold and control – even for little kids, even for two kids at the same time.
C. Soft rounded edges all around minimize bumps and bruises when kids play rough.
D. Heavier axle than any other wagon stands up to rough play and big loads.

These bright red toys and fun for children and with such a great quality product you will be able to pass that little red wagon down from one generation to the next.

Sidewalk Cruisers By Kettler

22 July, 2009 (03:51) | Best Kids Toys, Best Price Kids Toys, Best Price Toys, Best Toys | By:

Kettler Kettrikes – Big fun on three wheels! Kettrikes are great sidewalk cruisers and children love to ride there Kettrikes.  Today is perfect day for a little outdoor fun and recreation. Order your Kettrike today and your Toddlers can cruise in style. At kettler big fun comes on three wheels equipped with many unique and patented features. All Kettrikes are perfectly designed according to the children’s anatomic roadmap of motor skills. Invigorating solutions are typical for Kettler. Our patented Quik-Adjust frame, patented Auto-Freewheel mechanism and Parental Control System all guarantee the highest level of
Safety. Kidproof engineering demonstrated that a low center of gravity combines with our Kettler exclusive patented features and exceptional manufacturing, give our Kettrikes utmost safety, quality, and innovation. Each Kettrike is cleverly designed with a patented limited turn radius of 90 degrees which offers freedom in play, but at the same time reduces the danger against tipping over.
Models include the Air Navigator, Air Happy, Happy Navigator, Jumbo, Brummi, Splash, Junior, and the Blossom. Kettler Kettrikes available at Best Price Toys now enjoy free shipping! Questions? Call us toll-free at 888-388-8697 and we will assist you with your Kettrike purchase.

Kettler Air Navigator Tricycle

Designer Sleeping Bags For Children

22 July, 2009 (03:25) | Best Price Kids Toys, Sleeping Bags And Slumber Bags | By:

The designers at Fireside Comforts have selected our most popular fabric collections and created a line of Children’s sleeping bags to complement any child’s style.  In addition, these collections include built in pillows and carry bag and are available in 3 sizes. Whether you’re shopping for a budding sports fan or your little princess, you will be happy with the quality and selection offered by Fireside Comforts. Additional options include monogramming in 4 different font styles, flannel linings, and unique fabric combination’s create beautiful custom made products that are available through our online store at

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag

Blue Ridge Chateau Receives Best Buy Award

20 July, 2009 (16:31) | Best Price Kids Toys | By:

Gorilla Playsets Blue Ridge Chateau II was awarded a “Best Buy” for 2009 from Consumer Digest. This prestigious honor is based on attention to safety, durability, equipment, overall design and value. Maintenance-free, poly-coated preserved pine structural beams with tongue in groove cedar wood roof with sunbursts, dormers, and chimney makes this one great looking swing set.
Built with solid 4″x 4″ framing and 4″ x 6″ swing beam with 4′ x 6′ play deck that features a
5′ deck height your kids will love this playhouse. The Blue Ridge Chateau has a3 position swing beam with iron ductile swing hangers and it comes standard with 2 swings with powder coated chains. Also included is 1 trapeze bar with handles (powder coated chains) and Rock wall with climbing rope.

Blue Ridge Chateau Swing Set

Blue Ridge Chateau Swing Set

Tire Swings For Kids That Are Recycled Tires

20 July, 2009 (15:01) | Best Price Kids Toys | By:

Our child’s recycled tire swing will bring a smile to any child’s face. It can hang from a large tree branch, just make sure it’s a strong branch or you can attach it to a wooden swing set.   These tire swings are made from recycled tires and are custom crafted by skilled craftsman by hand. These swings will enhance sensory motor skills, stimulation and gross motor movement.  This Wildlife Creations horse tire swing features a horse head with frayed rope mane, plus the rope is included for installation. Choose from two sizes, either a small or large size, depending upon the age of the child. Directions are included which show several options for installation.

Kids Tire Swing

19 July, 2009 (17:33) | Sleeping Bags And Slumber Bags | By:

Our children’s sleeping bag line of features the brand Fireside Comforts. The quality is fantastic and are now available with upgraded features.  Such as personalization with a child’s name or initials and warm, soft flannel lining. These sleeping bags are custom made to order in the USA and take about 2 weeks. Perfect for toddlers, youths, and teens with over 100  fabrics to choose from you will surely find what you are looking for at Best Price Toys. Slumber bags are a must have for any child when spending the night away form home. Best Price Toys stocks the largest selection online of kids sleeping bags by famous maker brands such as Fireside Comforts, Wildkin and Carstens just to mention a few.

Girls Sleeping Bag

Girls Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bags For Boys And Girls

19 July, 2009 (01:59) | Sleeping Bags And Slumber Bags | By:

Our children’s line of Sleeping bags by Fireside Comforts now have upgraded features.  Such as, monogramming and warm, cozy flannel linings. These sleeping bags are custom made to order in the USA. Perfect for boys and girls with 100’s of styles to choose from you will surely find what you are looking for at Best Price Toys. They are a must have when sleeping over at Grandparents house or overnight visits with cousins. Best Price Toys stocks the largest selection online of kids sleeping bags by famous maker brands such as Fireside Comforts, Wildkin and Carstens just to mention a few.

Java Giraffe Sleeping Bag

Outdoor Swing Sets Equal Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids

15 July, 2009 (15:11) | Wooden Swing Sets | By:

If you are looking for the perfect outdoor activity for your children, look no further than the wonderful wooden swing sets, residential playsets, and backyard playhouses that are on the market. Wooden swing sets are a great investment. If you get one when your children are young, they are durable enough to last all through your little ones childhood years. They are built very durable, and a lot of them are built with maintenance free wood.

Wooden swing sets are also great because they promote a healthy lifestyle. It is important to teach children the benefits of exercise and how important it is to live a healthy life at a young age. These units give young children a great and fun way to get in their daily exercise. The best part is that so many kids have such a blast playing on these residential playsets that they don’t even realize that they are exercising. With childhood obesity on the rise in recent years, it is important for your kids to stay active and resist playing video games on the couch all day. Residential playsets are the perfect answer to this problem.

swing sets

Sleeping Bags In Great Fabrics

14 July, 2009 (01:06) | Sleeping Bags And Slumber Bags | By:

Slumber bags are great gifts for children of all ages. Our slumber bags are available in 3 different sizes, from toddler to teens we have the perfect size for you. Kids will love our sleeping bags for sleepovers plus they are just get to snuggle with when watching TV. Best Price Toys offers custom made, from high quality fabrics to choose from by Fireside Comforts. Proudly made in the USA, please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. Get yours today, they are on sale with over 150 different styles to choose from. The sewn in pillow is a great feature along with the fact that it can be rolled up into the attached carry bag. Looking for that personal touch, we offer monogramming in 4 different fonts and lots of thread choices. No matter which size, fabric or design you choose, rest assured that you are receiving a high quality beautifully made slumber bag that will last for a long time.

Taffy Flip Flop Sleeping Bag

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