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Month: October, 2009

Kids Toy Piano Song Book Free With Schoenhut Toy Pianos

26 October, 2009 (21:58) | Toy Pianos | By:

toy piano, chidren's music, musical toy, schoenhutPlay by Color Song Book with color chart FREE with purchase of Schoenhut Toy Pianos

Music is a basic joy of life. To encourage and promote that joy, this collection of familiar songs provide the elements that make up the child’s beginning world of music. This learning system is designed for the child who has no previous piano study, and is intended to make piano-playing simply and fun. Please note that the color strip will also work on adult keyboards, since keys on Schoenhut toy pianos are of corresponding width. The notes on the music scale are consistent throughout the book, but young players will begin by recognizing the basic prompt colors. schoenhut, toy piano, learning system, piano lesson, piano music, free sheet musicPlace the color chart directly behind the keys, lining it up using Middle C (marked in red on the illustration) as a reference point and “home based” Your right thumb plays this note. Piano keys are aligned with their respective notes and colors vertically. From the “Middle C” the right hand plays up the musical scale on the treble clef (see illustration).

This “First song book” contains simple tunes for the right hand only. Only the white keys are needed to play these tunes. Future books will offer more complex lyrics and stimulate playing with both hands (involving black keys-sharps and flats). Fingers should be curved and finger tips should press the center of the widest area on the keys. The “Middle C” is played from the side on the right thumb. The musical scale is represented by 7 letters of the musical alphabet A, B, C, D, E, F, & G. Going up or down the scale a full eight notes, or from one letter note to the next note of the same letter comprises an octave. Your encouragement will help to build the child’s confidence and develop the basic skills for playing the piano. By obtaining one small achievement at a time, they will soon be enjoying success. Our first song, “Pop! GOES THE WEASEL” begins with the “Middle C”. Give it a try.

Schoenhut Baby Grand Toy Pianos Comparision Chart

18 October, 2009 (00:52) | Toy Pianos | By:

Our Toy Pianos are now in stock for Christmas. If you are considering a toy piano for this holiday season, please order early as they always sell out quickly. Our toy pianos feature a removable color-coordinated strip fits behind the keys to guide small fingers from chord to chord. As your child learns and grows, the color strip can be transferred to a larger piano, since the keys on Schoenhut Toy Pianos are of corresponding width. This teaches children proper “finger stretch” from the very beginning. The accompanying Songbook contains a collection of familiar tunes. This Learning System has been specially designed to build a child’s confidence and develop basic playing skills.

Schoenhut Baby Grand Toy Pianos Comparison Chart

Technical Data Fancy Baby Grand Toy PianoFancy Baby Grand Classic Baby Grand Toy PianoClassic Baby Grand Eilte Baby Grand Toy Piano
Elite Baby Grand
Concert Grand Toy PianoConcert Grand Mini Baby Grand Toy PianoMini Baby Grand
Model 3005 309 372 379 189
Ages 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 +
# of Keys 30 30 37 37 18
Colors Black, Red, White, Pink Black, White, Pink Black, White Black, White, Mahogany Black, White, Pink
Song Book Yes Yes Yes YES Yes
Bench yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Song Book Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Weight 26 26 40 34 11
Dimensions 19x20x21 19x20x21 24x23x24 24x27x25 13x17x9
Leg Style Curvy Straight Curvy Straight Straight

Kettler Tricycyle Comparison Chart

18 October, 2009 (00:00) | Best Price Kids Toys | By:

It’s an instant family heirloom that children through ages will enjoy and remember fondly when their children are riding Kettrikes! Our Kettler Tricyles, also known as Kettrikes feature patented Limited Turn Radius – Internal mechanism restricts front wheel from turning more than 45 degrees left or right, reducing the danger of tipping.

Kettler Technical Data Information Comparison Chart

Technical Data Air Navigator Kettrike by KettlerAir
Air Happy Kettrike by KettlerAir
Happy Navigator Kettrike by Kettler
Air Navigator Kettrike by KettlerJumbo Air Navigator Kettrike by KettlerOceana
Item Number 8839-590 8848-090 8838-590 8845-699 8838-399
Ages 1 – 5 yrs. 1 – 5 yrs. 1 – 5 yrs. 1 – 5 yrs. 1 – 5 yrs.
Frame Type S-Shape
D Tube


No. of seat adjustments 0 4 4 0 4
Comfortec Seat Pad Yes NO NO YES NO
Wheel Type Komfy-Ride

Air Tires


Air Tires

Locking Mechanism Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Wheel
Yes Yes Yes Yes NO
Brake No Yes No Yes NO
Limited Turn Radius Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Step Plate No Yes No No Yes
Yes No Yes Yes No
Tandem Adaptable Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Wheel Size 10.0/9.0 10.0/9.0 9.5/8.0 9.5/8.0 9.5/8.0
Weight Limit 400 lbs 400 lbs 400 lbs 400 lbs 400 lbs
Setup Dimensions 31x21x22 29x20x22 30x20x21 30x20x21 25x20x21
Frame Adjustments 2.5 in 2.5 in 2.5 in 2.5 in 2. in
Seat Adjustments 0 in 2 in 2 in 0 in 2 in
Seat to Floor
11 in 11 in 11 in 11 in 11 in
Pushbar Included Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Gorilla Playsets Sale Features The Big Skye II

17 October, 2009 (21:24) | Swing Set Accessories, Wooden Swing Sets | By:

With Swing Sets Like The Big Skye II, your children will be entertained for hours. The Big Skye II play set includes lots of accessories that will bring smiles to your little one’s. Parents will appreciate that it’s constructed from pine with a some parts of the lumber poly-coated stained and sealed. This means that it’s almost maintenance-free! Plus Gorilla Playsets offers  a 10-year warranty on the lumber, of course some restrictions apply. Gorilla Playsets has been designing swing sets since 1992 and offers ready to assemable playsets shipped factory direct.  Gorilla Playsets, offers the  Blue Ridge series in several different styles and configurations, all on sale now at

Big Skye II Swing Set by Gorilla Playsets

Big Skye II Swing Set by Gorilla Playsets

Rocking Chairs For Childrens Play Rooms

14 October, 2009 (21:16) | Children's Furniture | By:

Rocking chairs also provide another great play room option. Kids love to rock back and forth and the motion is often comforting to them. They will love the kids rocking chairs that come in just their size. Like mom and dad did to them, they can rock their dolls or stuffed animals in the rocking chairs with them. They can also cuddle up in their rocking chairs with a blanket and read their favorite short story or picture book. Kids can also bring the rocking chairs out in front of the TV and watch their favorite television shows or cartoons while sitting in them. They also come in a wide variety of your children’s favorite colors and a wide variety of wooden finished to match your home or room décor. Once children are older, they provide a nice area to display stuffed animals, dolls, or a special knit blanket or quilt.

Kids Rocking Chair

Kids Rocking Chair

Blue Ridge Line Of Swing Sets Now On Sale

12 October, 2009 (02:57) | Swing Set Accessories, Wooden Swing Sets | By:

Best Price Toys is offering fantastic clearance sale when it comes to Swing Sets. You can take advantage of our sale today on the Blue Ridge Series of swing set. For example, the Blue Ridge Chateau is on sale now, plus, includes shipping to most US locations. What we like about the Blue Ridge Chateau is that it’s features lots or room for the children to play and it’s maintenance-free, poly coated wooden beams and that beam is strong at 4″x 6″. This Gorilla Playset boosts a large play deck and is loaded with play options for children. You can also get great prices on the entire line of Gorilla Playsets. Check it out today and save at!

Blue Ridge Chateau by Gorilla Playsets

Dollhouse Kits To Build And Decorate

12 October, 2009 (02:54) | Wood Dollhouses | By:

Quality and attention to detail. That is what sets Greenleaf dollhouses apart from other dollhouse companies. There are plenty of choices as well – so many, in fact, we can almost guarantee you will love our dollhouse designs. Take the Beacon Hill Dollhouse, for instance, it’s dignified and grand, the Beacon Hill has become the flagship of the Greenleaf line. Its sophisticated exterior is enhanced by a curved Mansard roof, and no detail has been omitted, including even a little window in the cellar! There are seven rooms and two hallways, a true miniature dollhouse.

Toy Pianos For Holiday Gifts On Sale Now

11 October, 2009 (17:48) | Best Price Kids Toys | By:

Looking for Toy Pianos as a holiday gift for children? Take a look at Best Price Toys,  your one stop shop for musical toys.  Featuring Schoenhut’s complete line of  Toy Pianos & Classic Toy Pianos. Our Toy Piano line includes Piano Pals, and Day Care Durable Pianos designed by Schoenhut company in several classic styles. Our Toy Pianos are available in pretty pink for your princess or classic black styles, plus we have upright piano as well. All Pianos come with piano song books and the piano bench. Order early to ensure delivery for Christmas as these pianos will sell out quickly.

Toy Pianos

Kids Sleeping Bags Custom Made With Monogramming Options

10 October, 2009 (18:11) | Sleeping Bags And Slumber Bags | By:

Our custom made Sleeping bags are sewn with quality fabrics and are hand made in the Ohio. Our sleeping bags are available in 3 sizes from toddler to teen. This product line includes unique indoor sleeping bags for children that can be monogrammed with your child’s name. Our sleeping bags are manufactured from 100% cotton prints and 65-35 poly-cotton broad cloth solids quilted to 16 oz. bonded poly fiber batting. We offer a large selection of beautiful fabrics is rich colors and plush. The lining can be upgraded to warm flannel or a soft rich minky dot fabric. Visit today for a large selection of over 100’s style to choose from.

custom made sleeping bag
custom made sleeping bag
custom made sleeping bag

Kids Will Love Our Monkey Swing Sets And Playsystems

9 October, 2009 (20:26) | Best Price Kids Toys | By:

Extra, extra, real all about it, is having an incredible  sale on the entire line of swing sets.  That includes all Kettler metal swing set, all wooden swing set, and plastic swing set. Our manufacturers are all involved in this sale, including KidWise Monkey Playsystems, Gorilla Playsets, Swing-N-Slide, and Kettler just to mention a few.  Every single swing set is on sale now until the end of  October. Choose from maintenance free Plastic Coated Lumber, Pine, or Metal. Our featured manufacturer for the month of October is KidWise and there great line of Monkey Playsystems.

Monkey Playsystems Swing Set

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