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Month: September, 2010

Gorilla Playsets Fall Sale On Sun Valley Wood Sets

29 September, 2010 (17:58) | Metal Swing Sets | By:

Just added 4 new designs on wood swing sets. Huge Fall sale on Gorilla Playsets starts today. When it comes to wood swing sets you have to do your research and you will find out what makes these sets so popular. You can take advantage of our sale today, on the Blue Ridge Chateau and the Sun Valley lines which is made with strong wood. Gorilla Playsets. Check it out today and save!

Miniature Dollhouse Kits Make Great Projects For Grandparents

26 September, 2010 (03:55) | Wood Dollhouses | By:

Looking for a high quality dollhouse that you can build from a kit? If so, the quality and attention to detail offered by the  Greenleaf dollhouses company is something you receive when you purchase this brand.  Apart from other dollhouse companies there are plenty of styles and models as well – so many, in fact, we can almost guarantee you will love our miniature dollhouse designs. Take the Beacon Hill Dollhouse (our number one selling kit) for instance, it has 7 rooms and  it’s dignified, grand and beautiful, the Beacon Hill has become the flagship of the Greenleaf line. Its sophisticated exterior is enhanced by a curved Mansard roof, and no detail has been omitted, including even a little window in the cellar!

Planning For a Swing Set In The Backyard

21 September, 2010 (17:12) | Wooden Swing Sets | By:

Having a wooden swing set in the yard requires a thought out location that will be free and clear from obstacles (overhead as well), such as trees, fences, wires, buildings which helps to eliminate the risk of injury. Landscape helps to create that park side setting. Equally important is a level flat surface for installation along with proper assembly. If you are not comfortable with building a unit yourself then hire a professional to complete the project. Proper installation is extremely important for safe play. Don’t give it a second thought if you can’t do it yourself just remember to include the cost of installation into your budget.

Pirate’s Ship Wheel Makes A Fun Swing Set Accessory

7 September, 2010 (02:49) | Best Price Kids Toys | By:

Pirate’s Ship Wheel – Available At

Both boys and girls would love this cool swing set accessory. Whether your a boy or a girl just imagine your kids at the wheel of a regatta race or as a captain on the high seas, this green and yellow wheel is authentically shaped and molded into a  ship’s wheel. Guaranteed to  stir his or her imagination! This swing set accessory is made form high density polyethylene plastic and it comes with all required hardware. The steering wheel is easy to attach to a wooden swing and comes with  easy-to-follow instructions. May be used with any wooden swing set.

TB 1524_Ship Wheel.JPG

Item Code: TB 1524Kit Includes:

  • Inspires imagination and develops sharing skills
  • Excellent add on accessory for wooden swing sets
  • Ages 3 and up
  • Includes illustrated plans and all hardware necessary for installation

Kettler Trimmstation Swing Set Sale

6 September, 2010 (18:34) | Metal Swing Sets | By:

With spring right around the corner you maybe thinking about outdoor play and metal swing sets. If you consider a purchase of the Kettler Swing Sets called the Trimmstation.  Wonderful playsets, these are  German engineered; well-built; simply are the best on the market! If you been thinking about ordering now is time because these will sell out fast. Kids love never having to leave the backyard when they want to play outside. The Kettler Trimmstation Metal Swing Set is a great climbing station! These metal swing sets have many benefits only found on playgrounds a swinging rope, a swinging bar, a swing seat, a pull up bar and monkey bars!

Why Is An Lumber Important Consideration Before You Purchase

3 September, 2010 (15:17) | Wooden Swing Sets | By:

Lets take a look at how concerned you should be about the wood used to build a swing set. Yes,  it’s a top priority and it is all about wood quality and strength when purchasing a swing set? Wood is a very important part of your decision and with many types of wood to select from it can become an overwhelming task. When it comes to  swing sets and wood you can take into consideration southern yellow pine, cedar, redwood, and vinyl clad lumber. There are several things to consider so make a list of what is important to you. Once you decide between materials the size of the boards needs to be factored in. This is because you want to make sure the boards are strong and durable, maintenance free plastic coated lumber is another great option that should be considered. For another, what type of annual maintenance is required? Do you need to sand the boards and re-stain and hopefully no painting. This is, of course, a maintenance issue for you and the handyman.

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