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Month: November, 2010

Gorilla Playsets & Swing Set For Safe Play

18 November, 2010 (18:30) | Wooden Swing Sets | By:

Swing set safety should be a concern for all parents and with good reason. It is important to understand and review the information outlined in the owner’s manual. The safe play rules should also be reviewed with the kids. They need to understand the rules so everyone can play safe while having a good time. As we talk about the safety rules when using Gorilla Playsets it is equally important to remember that children need to be supervised by an adult at all times. On Sale now Gorilla Playsets make fantastic holiday gifts for children.

Pioneer Peak Wooden Swing Set Is Considered A High Quality Playset

14 November, 2010 (19:38) | Wooden Swing Sets | By:

What is great about the Blue Ridge Pioneer Peak is that is has the same great features of the Blue Ridge Frontier but the new features make this swing set one that is sure to be a favorite in the line up. Known for high quality, this company makes a unique line of swing sets that are considered “RTA”, (ready to assembly) meaning you assembly it when it arrives at your home. This is one cost saving factor for consideration because you can do it yourself with carpentry skills and a good friend who will help out. Many of their structures are sold with the following features as standard equipment and this makes for great savings. They include are swing belts, trapeze bar, rock walls, climbing ramps, tic-tac toe spinners, green slides, picnic tables, and wood roofs. This manufacturer, Gorilla Playsets is one brand that makes high quality wooden swing sets for children.

Rubber Mulch Makes Great Ground Cover For Wooden Swing Sets

6 November, 2010 (04:28) | Swing Set Accessories | By:

Before you build your wooden swing set, it is terribly important to choose a satisfactory, level location in the yard. The assembly required should be a minimum of 6′ from any structure, such as a wood or hedge fencing, building (house, garage, and pole barn), trees, branches, clothes poles or over head wires such as cables. For safety reasons, do not build the swing set over cement (concrete) brick pavers, asphalt, patios, or any other surface that is hard. An immeasurable number of accidents occur from falls. As a result, we urge you to install what is often referred to as a “Safe Play Zone” completely around the play set.

Kidwise Rubber Mulch

Kidwise Rubber Mulch

Princess Bounce House By KidWise Perfect For Princess Partys

5 November, 2010 (16:24) | Bounce Houses | By:

Outlined below are a few suggestions for creating a fun Princess themed celebration party for backyard entertaining. First are invitations, enlist the help of the special princess and decorate home make invitations. This fun project can easily be done with a home laptop and printer. Be inspired and embellish with stickers, and fun slogans perfect for the royal court. Try some of these phrases, “Princess Sophie requests your presence at the Princess Party”, or “Her majesty and the high court cordially invite you to attend”, or “Her Royal Highness requests your presence at the Princess Celebration“. Next, you will need the Princess Bounce House by Kidwise as the focal point of the entertainment. Kids will love it!

Inflatable Princess Bouncer

Inflatable Princess Bouncer

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