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Month: May, 2011

Swing Set With A Bridge

14 May, 2011 (01:15) | Wooden Swing Sets | By:

Blue Ridge Pioneer Peak is a kid favorite wood playset because of the clatter bridge feature. The bridge connects two towers and what great fun it is to run across it! Well-respected, Gorilla Playsets offers this highest quality wooden swing set.  Gorilla Playsets makes a great line of residential swing sets that are ready to assembly and they are shipped right to your home by a large freight truck.  This is one cost saving factor for consideration because you can do it yourself with carpentry skills and a good friend who will help out. The swing set comes with everything in the box so you can build it just like the picture. They include are swing belts, trapeze bar, rock walls, climbing ramps, tic-tac toe spinners, green slides, picnic tables, and wood roofs. Plus, you will receive all of the screws, bolts, chains, and brackets to assembly it. This manufacturer, is one brand that makes high quality wooden swing sets for children. The phrase “swing set in a box” is truly what you will receive along with the detailed and step by step instructions.

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