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Month: February, 2012

Helping Kids Transition With The Help Of A Wooden Swing Set

26 February, 2012 (23:34) | Wooden Swing Sets | By:

A effortless suggestion to relieve the pain of moving from one home to another.
Of course, moving is hard for the whole family especially children. The move is not fun and most often it is very stressful. Mom and dad have the job of packing up the boxes and arraigning for the movers. Kids quite often have there possessions reduced because mom and dad say, “lets go through your toys and donate what you don’t play with anymore” or “let’s get rid of this because you never use it.” While this might be the case most children have a hard time parting with there beloved possessions. Just because there parents think they have either outgrown or don’t use there stuff anymore is a good reason to depart with there belongings. The loss of material things to a child may seem overwhelming.

When kids are asked to give up there friendships, schools and home to make a move to somewhere that is unfamiliar it can be very difficult. It is hard enough just to uproot the family and move to a new location, new city or even new state.

Getting the children to accept the new move can be challenging and stressful. All too often the children are promised bigger bedrooms, or new bedroom furniture, or new furnishings that they can help pick out. This is supposed to make them feel better about the move. The question is should you promise things like this to make the move exciting and adventurous? How ever you answer is up to you and with some careful planning and preparation the transition can be easier for all involved.

There are several things you can do to make the move simpler for the kids and in so doing making it easier on yourself.

Moving at the end of the school year is easier for kids because they have summer vacation to make new friends in the neighborhood before school starts back in the fall. They have time to adjust and explore there new surroundings.

Taking there toys with them should be a priority. Sure you might need to consolidate there selection of toys before you move due to space. Try first to eliminate the toys that are broken. Find a way to make them feel good about departing with some of there possessions. If you have a garage sale let them keep the money so they can spend it on something for there new bedroom or playroom.

If you currently have a swing set or Gorilla Playsets in your backyard you will need to discuss the possibility of disassembling the structure and taking it with you. Almost all outdoor swing sets can be taken apart and moved. Think about this, swing sets are magnetic and in a new neighborhood they attract kids like crazy.  Helping your child to make new friends might be an easy task if they have a wooden swing set to play on.

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