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Month: March, 2012

KidKraft Play Kitchens – Whats Not To Love

31 March, 2012 (17:40) | Best Kids Toys | By:

KidKraft has been making play kitchens for children for years and their expertise shows with the attention to details that are clearly visible in the products they manufacturer. Many models have refrigerators, microwaves, counter space, and ovens. The creativity extends into the overall color palette which will match playrooms and decor with a large selection to choose from. Bright and bold colors to soft pastels; the KidKraft Play Kitchens make fantastic gifts. Parents love the all-in-one toy kitchens that have different activities; providing enjoyable entertainment for little chefs, cooks, waitress or waiters. Play kitchens have the benefit of pleasing kids ages 3 and up. KidKraft matching accessories include pots, pans, play food, and appliances such as toasters, blenders, and mixers that are kid-sized.

Vinyl Swing Sets Make A Great Addition To Backyards

17 March, 2012 (19:20) | Wooden Swing Sets | By:

A vinyl swing set can alter your backyard landscape into a delightful retreat for children. It is easy enough to turn your back yard into a park like setting where the whole family can play outside for years. Everyone will benefit from healthy environment which provides creative fun and exercise for all. Today’s vinyl swing sets by Swing Kingdom offer a 20 year warranty and this is one brand that stands behind there product line. Safety is incorporated into every style and model offering a wide variety of play options and activities. Vinyl is strong and durable making it one of the best choices for safety and value. Shop Best Price Toys for Swing Kingdom Vinyl Swing Sets.

Kids 6 String Guitars By Schoenhut Coming Soon

11 March, 2012 (00:29) | Toy Pianos | By:

It’s time to share with our loyal customers the fantastic new product arriving soon from the Schoenhut Piano Company. Like any toy manufacturer this toy piano company has been busy creating a new line of children’s guitars. This new series of acoustic guitars will be available with graphics on the soundboards. Your little rock star will take center stage playing a unique, beautifully designed guitar by Schoenhut. Sturdily constructed, with six steel strings, this instrument permits a wide range of amazing sounds, and rarely needs tuning. Any child would love this, “gift of music” at a very affordable price for any child. Available in several vibrant designs Includes: Pick & Extra String

Schoenhut New String Guitars

Schoenhut New String Guitars

Kids Love To Cook – Real Or Pretend Play Kitchens

7 March, 2012 (23:39) | Best Price Toys | By:

Children enjoy watching mom and dad in the kitchen as they prepare meals. That is one of the reasons they love playing with pots, pans, and anything else from the kitchen they can get there hands on. Ask them to help with food preparation and they are ready. Give them an egg to crack and they are all smiles! If you have children who love this interaction with you in the kitchen they might really enjoy a play kitchen with play food and accessories. The choices today are fantastic as this play activity is a favorite at home or at preschool. Most likely every daycare across the country is equipped with a play kitchen.

Toy manufacturers design these products to resemble the real thing. Play accessories include items typically found in a kitchen, such as pots, pans, plates, or play food made from wood. Not only can you purchase a play kitchen you can buy the stove, refrigerator, chef aprons and hats. From compact sizes to larger ones, you can easily fine one to fit your space. A few of the top brands for these types of toys are Melissa and Doug, Guidecraft and KidKraft. Mostly made of wood, they are designed to withstand years of play and can take just about anything a child can dish out. The mentioned brands pay close attention to safety, design and construction. This attention to detail makes for some of the most realistic toy kitchens on the market today.
A whole lot of playthings a little chef needs to prepare cook and serve scrumptious meals and snacks can be found at Best Price Toys! Our extensive collection of play food sets and accessories make it easy to shop by, organized into categories for your convenience.

Imagine the smiles when your toddler cook plays with our assortment of play food, play kitchen accessories, and play food sets.

KidKraft Vintage White Play Kitchen Model 53208

KidKraft Vintage White Play Kitchen Model 53208

Kids Tire Swings – Reviews Of Tire Swings

6 March, 2012 (04:20) | kids tire swings | By:

Mount this horse and swing away! While you won’t be able to actually gallop this pony you certainly can ride him. Made from tires that have been saved from the landfills this horse swing is really friendly and we mean “eco-friendly”. Kids love these swings that are shaped and scalped out of tires because they move like the design they are named after. Name your horse take and him for a ride. Easy to install and ready to hang out of the box for kids up to 200 pounds. Best Price Toys is your source for kids tire swings. We have the largest selection and great prices. Listed below are just a few comments we heard from our customer’s over the years and how there children have enjoyed these swings.

I ordered the swing for our daughter’s birthday gift and she was delighted. She gave her new friend a name. We had to add extra rope because our tree is really tall. Our daughter rides her pony just about everyday. She asked if we could paint it pink.

One of the best things about our motorcycle swing is that it can withstand our crazy weather. One day it might rain, the next it’s freezing. We have all 4 season and this item is very tough. Our little guy was almost too small for the motorcycle swing but he quickly grew into it. Overall, I would give it a 5 star rating.

No words can describe the reaction from my son. If you could have seen his face when he opened his present you would understand how great this toy really is. Best gift he ever got. Thank you so making such a great horse.

Horse Tire Swing

Horse Tire Swing

Swing Sets With Playhouses And Play Forts Are Great Fun

4 March, 2012 (21:39) | Wooden Swing Sets | By:

Wood playsets, swing sets,playhouses and forts are a fantastic way to get your kids outside and into the fresh air and sunshine. Most children love to play outside and when they have fun and exciting toys to entertain them there is no telling how long they will stay outside. Fresh air and exercise go hand and hand which helps keep them healthier and fit. If you are looking for toys to stimulate your child’s imagination and get them off the couch and away from the television, then outside toys are the answer. A healthy play setting that encourages fun exercise is one fantastic idea that most parents will appreciate. Motivate your children’s imagination while offering them a healthy, exciting, fun way to keep fit, now that’s a great strategy.
The first toy that comes to mind is an outdoor swing set. Built in your own backyard this structure will definitely promote exercise, well-being and fun for all. Inflatable toys, bounce houses that set-up quickly offers jumping fun that will tire out any child.

While there are a number of high quality; ready to assemble wooden playsets for sale the asking price and size vastly varies. These playgrounds are installed in backyards across the country. The one’s that are build to last have been standing for years so quality is very important along with annual maintenance. A few of the most recognized names in the playground industry is Swing Kingdom, Congo Swing Sets, Swing-N-Slide, and Gorilla Playsets who all make wooden playscapes. Kettler is the leading brand for metal swing sets. Blast Zone and KidWise bouncers are the leading brands for inflatable backyard toys. Best Price Toys is proud to offer these respected leaders and there high quality products for sale in our store.

Buy A Swing Set – Things To Consider For Swing Sets

3 March, 2012 (19:20) | Wooden Swing Sets | By:

Do You Want To Learn How to Buy a Swing Set For Your Kids?
If your family has decided it’s time for a wooden swing set in the backyard you will have to determine how it will be built. Will you hire a professional to install your swing set? Will you buy a do it yourself kit or purchase the plans? Will you choose from the pre-packaged complete kits in a box? Of course this will not be an easy task because there are many things up for consideration.
There is the time involved, cost of materials, contractor cost, and your expertise or building skills. These are important because there are several ways to accomplish this type of project.
First, if you decide to purchase just the plans you will need a complete shopping list. This detailed supply list is usually part of the plans and outlines exactly what you need to purchase. For example, the inventory list will tell you the exact number of screws you will need by type, size and quantity. The hardware list will tell you if you need lag screws, carriage bolts, washers, and lock nuts. The building plans consist of step by step directions including illustrations. Due to the difference in inventory offered in the retail stores, you most likely you will have to visit several stores before you can check off everything on the parts list. Not all stores carry slides, iron ductiles or swing hangers so for those items can you easily complete an online search. Purchase online and have the products shipped to your home.
Secondly, a do it yourself swing set kit may work for you. The kits do not come with the lumber which you will need to purchase at the store. Most kits come with the hardware components, directions, and some swing set accessories. A typical kit might include the following:

1. Hardware that is zinc plated for durability
2. Hardware for the beam supports which might include brackets, swing hangers and spring clips
3. Ladder brackets with hardware so you can build a fort
4. Safety handles with hardware
5. Swings seats with chains or ropes
6. Play fort tarp
7. Easy to follow Step-by-step 3D illustrated manual
8. Remember, the Lumber is Not Included
9. Slides are usually Not included.

Lastly, buying a pre-packaged complete kit in a box might be the time saving and cost effective option for you. Why, because you can order these swing sets in a box and have them delivered to your home. The ready to assemble kits include everything, all lumber, hardware, components, swing set accessories and the slide. Everything you need to build is inside the boxes including detailed assemble instructions. They are packaged into several cartons, palletized and ship via common carrier. This is one of the best options available for the consumer today who want to build a swing set. It saves you time from going to several stores with your shopping list. Everything arrives at one time. They are built to last and come with a warranty. There are many high quality manufacturers that offer this option and they all follow strict guidelines for safety compliance. Best Price Toys offers lots of options for outdoor residential playsets. Take some time and view the models, styles, and buyers guide that are available in our store.

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