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Month: April, 2012

Outdoor Playhouses For Girls And Boys

19 April, 2012 (03:17) | Best Price Toys | By:

Out-of-doors playhouses are extravagant these days resembling a miniature version of a home owner’s actual home. Children, especially girl’s love these play sets in the backyard and so do mom and dad. It’s not just a playhouse is an exciting place for kids to hangout. Made with vinyl siding and shingle roofs they simply look gorgeous when built. Some of the most unique playhouses have working windows with doors that actually open and close. One of the most preferred playhouses are the ones that have a swing beam attached to the side of the house creating “playhouse swing set” making the backyard an adventure land for kids. Playhouse’s and cottages offer the best escape for any child in your own backyard. Many come complete with a front porch; perfect for pretend play and a place they can call their own.

Swing Kingdom Playhouse Swing Sets

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Childrens Backpacks And School Gear

15 April, 2012 (21:02) | Best Price Toys | By:

At Best Price Toys our children’s backpacks, duffel bags and lunch bags offer your kids a stylish solution for school gear. Why have plain solid colors when you can have fun prints, stripes and patterns. Let’s face it, kids need to store their supplies and school gear makes perfect sense. Kids get excited for the new school year especially when they get brand new accessories. Our online selection offers something for every boy and girl heading back to school. Kids love our styling, designs and how “cool” they are! Our goal is to offer a huge variety; so no too kids in the same school have the same bag. While that might be a tall task we are consistently looking for new fabrics, styles and strive to keep up to date with the latest trends in back to school gear. Not only do we have fantastic children’s accessories for school, but we also have great items for preschool such as nap mats and rest pads. If you are looking for a kids’ backpacks take a look at all we have to offer with Free Shipping.

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KidKraft Makes Dollhouses To Accomodate Barbie And Friends

14 April, 2012 (16:02) | Wood Dollhouses | By:

If you have a little girl who is turning 3 years old and she been asking for a dollhouse you should take a look at the KidKraft brand. Almost all of the KidKraft dollhouses come with play furniture and most are big enough to accommodate Barbie size dolls. The styles and models are made of wood, MDF and require adult assemble. If you are fortunate to have a play room then finding the space won’t be a problem. KidKraft makes very large dollhouses with 2 and 3 floors. Some feature working elevators or spiral staircases. Creative play with dolls and dollhouses is fun for boys and girls. After all, G.I. Joe might come over for a cup of tea and hang out with Barbie and her friends. KidKraft offers more than a few styles that are big enough that more that 2 kids can play at once making the dollhouse perfect for siblings to share. Many of the models accommodate fashion dolls up to 12″ tall but they do offer smaller ones as well. For example, the KidKraft Pretty Petal dollhouse comes with two 5 inch mini dolls including 9 pieces of furniture and because it is less than 2 feet tall it easily can sit on top of a table or desk.


Outdoor Toys For Summer Fun

11 April, 2012 (16:10) | Best Kids Toys | By:

What outdoor toys do you have that encompass a playground area for your kids in your own backyard? With so many different products on the market it can be expensive.

There are lots things that might cause you to worry when deciding which equipment is suitable for them to play on. The age of your children will impact your decision when buying large outdoor toys. Some great things for the backyard are the big toys that can be used by several siblings. You might want to look at bounce houses, ride on toys, trampolines, portable basketball backboards, or play tents as well as wooden swing sets. Assuring your child has a mixture of outdoor toys to keep him or her excited to play outdoors. Many might think it is not an easy as it seems because children tend to get bored very quickly. Think about variety of toys with the main goal is keeping them entertained; allowing them to have fun while getting various amounts of exercise and fresh air outside.

If you thinking about buying some new outdoor toys begin you take a look around your home, basement or garage and made a list of things you already own and consider what might work well for different age groups. For instance, swing sets and playsets are fun for a wide range of ages with different activities for keeping them busy. Residential swing sets are manufactured with many different play options and sizes. Swings are made for specific age groups such as high back infant swings for babies, full bucket swings for toddlers, belt swings for ages 4 and up or board swings for teenagers and adults. Playsets which are made from vinyl, cedar, pine or redwood lumber make a great addition to the landscaping while offering creative play.

Another great toy that appeals to just about any child is bounce houses, slides and water parks that you see inflated in backyards across the landscape of America. Available in a wide array of sizes with or without slides, these inflatable bouncers most often can be used wet or dry. Simply attach a garden hose and you got an instant water park. Many models have separate play areas, such as a ball pit or wading pool or jumping floors. When the bounce house offers these separate play areas as “extra space” it is nice because toddlers can play in the ball pit space while older kids can use the jumping space. Keeping kids safe in this way is easy if you can pair them up by age. After all, you do not want a 3 years bouncing on the jump floor with a 10 year old. Grouping children together by age is a fantastic idea.

Trampolines are great for kids who love gymnastics and they can jump till they get tired out. Before you purchase make sure you have the space because they take up lots of room. Look for units that do not have exposed springs. They should always be covered up. Safety enclosures must always be used and look for ones that can’t be knocked down. Enclosures are easy to set up and always remember only one child should use the trampoline at a time. Do not allow 2 or more inside and make sure to follow the safety guidelines outlines by the manufacturers. As with any toy; safe play ought to be a priority for everyone. When buying a trampoline look for high quality and that means you will have to pay more for one.

Trikes, bikes and wagons are great for all ages. Trikes now are sold with seat belts and push bars offering little ones a safe ride with mom and dads help. Wagons have been a traditional toy that’s been around for decades. Having a wagon is great because the kids can stow their treasures and take them for a ride. Take a wagon along for a ride in the park and mom or dad can pull the children down the paths. No matter what the age, wagons are very versatile. Many models have cargo space, drink cup holders, seat belts for securing toddlers and some even have covered tops.

Shooting hoops is fun for the entire family. There are plenty of games to play and if you have an adjustable basket ball goal post this makes it easy for young children to sink the ball. If you have a rolling type make sure to always check the manner in which it is secure so it won’t tip over or roll down the driveway. Many use sand bags and even hold water for anchoring down. If you have a stationary unit most likely it is secured in cement. Either way, a game of basketball offers plenty of exercise for everybody and can include the whole family.

Playing outside is great for kids for a lot of different reasons and making sure they have plenty of playthings keeps them busy.

If you buy new toys that have to be assembled make certain you complete all of the steps and do not take any short cuts. Simply stated; read and follow the installation directions per the manual, follow the guidelines and set play rules for the kids. This way it is easier to create a play space that’s offers a safe environment for all.

Toys To Take Outside

4 April, 2012 (18:48) | Best Price Toys | By:

With the warmer days of spring and summer approaching your children will want to play outside. Take a look at their toys and determine which ones are suitable for outdoor play. Thinking outside of the box might bring new life to toys that are traditional thought of as indoor use only. One example is art easels or paint easels which are educational and fun toys that normally are left in the playroom or basement. This is great for plastic easels and if yours is made of wood make sure you don’t leave it outside for an extended period of time. Bring the artistic equipment outside and allow the kids to continue exploring their creative side. Use clothes pins and you can easily let the art projects dry in the sun. Use washable paints and they can rinse off under the hose.

Play tents are another plaything that offers outdoor use as well as indoor use. Many consumers think they are only for indoors so be sure to check the directions or box package for guidance as most offer this option. Ball pits and play tunnels are great for entertaining kids outside. Play tents are a practical toy for little ones. They are great to use as a sunshade in the backyard, playgrounds or at the beach. It is a fun way to get a break from the sun or perhaps take a quick nap.

If you have an indoor bounce house or jumper grab a large tarp, stakes and head out doors. Almost all bouncer and moonwalks are made for outdoor use. Be cautious and monitor the weather conditions and never use when it is windy.

Plastic toys are great because when they get dirty they are easily cleaned. Take a look around the house for plastic toys, balls, plastic furniture or plastic blocks. Girls love to have tea parties in the backyard so don’t forget to look at plastic play food. Take an inventory of your children’s play things and find out which ones might be suitable for outdoor play.

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