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Month: June, 2012

Lots Of Kids Are Wishing For A Vinyl Swing Set Or Metal Swing Set

29 June, 2012 (23:17) | Wooden Swing Sets | By:

One common wish for many kids is to play on a wooden swing set and if it’s in their own backyard it’s even better.

Whether it is a metal, plastic or wooden swing set most kids don’t really care what kind is. They just want one that has swings, slides and forts so they can run around from activity to activity. Play stations are one fantastic source of entertainment for kids and if your swing set has lots of options your children will be entertained for hours.

Mass produced wooden and metal swing sets are not necessary a bad thing you just have to make sure the one you purchase is good quality. Many manufacturers are taken extreme measures to make sure their designs are safe for play.

Well built is an understatement when you take a look at the creative styling offered by Swing Kingdom. Not only is this company a pioneer with in the industry they have proved to deliver swing sets that put the family safety first. Strong, durable and build to last is what this company is all about. They believe in a family playing outside together on there play sets and they are build to do just that. All of there designs are available in 6 color combination so matching your backyard landscape is easy.
Check out Build a Swing Set for all your playset needs.

Backyard Swing Sets – Before You Buy A Swing Set Read This

3 June, 2012 (17:43) | Wooden Swing Sets | By:

As parents you have determined that your children are going to have a swing set built in the backyard and safety must be your number one priority when shopping for one. As you would expect the way a backyard play set is designed along with the type of hardware and size of the lumber is critical to the safety, strength and durability of the play structure. Parents want a playground that offers safe play for their kids. Is there any manufacturer out there that can guarantee the kids won’t get hurt while playing? The answer is no, because there are too many variables. For example, was the play set installed and assembled properly? Was the ground level? Are the kids following the safe play rules of conduct? Is there a resilient ground cover underneath the structure? These are all important questions that have a lot to do with safety. Before you purchase these are just a few of the key points that must be addressed. 1. Build it myself or hire a certified installer. 2. Have I factored in the cost of ground cover such as rubber mulch or shock absorbing tiles? 3. Teaching kids to play safe and reminding them that they have to follow the rules along with adult supervision at all times. 4. Removal of obstacles such as trees, overhead wires, or anything else that would be in the way of building a swing set. 5. Research the different brands that are available. Find out about the company and how long they have been in business for. 6. Check to see if they belong to the Better Business Bureau. 7. Look for any reviews for the products they sell. 8. Talk with relatives or friends who have swing sets in there backyard. Kids want to play outdoors and they deserve a play area that is not dangerous. Designed and engineering with safety in mind is the goal of manufacturers and it’s your responsibility to ensure you purchase one that is built strong. While no one can say for sure that a child won’t get hurt playing on a residential backyard swing set you can take precautionary measures; making every effort to be sure they don’t. For this simply reason; take a look at the way it was produced. Make sure it was built with safety in mind and the guidelines set forth by the CPSIA were followed. The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act sets guidelines for residential home use and commercial structures. Almost all of the USA brands have been following the guidelines for a long time and this ought to offer some piece of mind for parents and caregivers. After all is said and done it is a well known fact, kids love playing swinging, climbing and sliding and the educational value is very important aspect of the purchase. Learning through play gives children the ability to build like long skills. Exercising, having fun and building new memories are just a few of the exciting things a play set can offer. Find a retailer that is knowledgeable about the products they sell and one that can answer all of your questions. They should be able to communicate the features and benefits of every brand of swing set they offer for sale in there stores. Investing in a high quality wooden swing set is an investment in your children.

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