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Month: January, 2014

Spending Time Outdoors – Why Being Outside is Beneficial to Your Kids

21 January, 2014 (00:46) | Metal Swing Sets | By:

Ask any child and they will tell without a doubt; they love having fun in the backyard; especially if there is a wooden swing set for them to play on. You can purchase residential wooden swing sets in a wide variety of materials and sizes. Your choices when it comes to type of lumber used in the design of swing sets include cedar, pine, or redwood. Many individuals appreciated the natural beauty of wood and like the way it compliments the garden and outside setting. Installation is somewhat easy with many of the wood playsets and if you don’t think it is something you are willing to spend time on, there are plenty of contractors who do installation for a living. For the most part, wood playsets are built safe and made to be very sturdy, sturdy and durable. These designs are simple to complex from small to very large most are straightforward to put together if you follow the step by step instructions.

Metal is a preferred choice for many since it can withstand most awful weather conditions such as rain, snow and wind. When the legs post are anchored in cement most are sturdy enough to meet adverse weather conditions and strong enough to meet the strains put on the apparatus by kids. In other words, the metal swing set can handle just about anything a child can throw its way.

Metal Swing Set

Kettler Metal Swing Set

A number of the many fun accessories available for purchase are glider and rocket riders, slides and climber, plus a wide array of swings. When making a choice look for accessories that are sized for the age of the child. Also, think about how the child will play with the accessory and is it beneficial to their creative minds and does it promote exercise. Just like playing on a swing set encourages other skills, so does the accessories that are on the wood playset. There are many healthy reasons for a child to play outdoors and the benefits are fantastic. Playing on a swing set offers many ways for a child to exercise while having a great time.


These metal and wood playsets can include an assortment of pieces including rock walls, gliders, climbers, monkey bars and tower toys. While youngsters are playing outside they use their resourcefulness, imagination, ingenuity and communication skills all while exercising. The type of equipment doesn’t really matter as long as it is safe and engages children through creative play. The key is proper installation and adult supervision and following the safe play rules so kids do not get hurt. Always refer to the owner’s manual or installation book and adhere to the guidelines. When adults are present, this on-going supervision is a key ingredients of making swing sets enjoyable for playtime.

Do You Want to Create a Magical Room for Your Child?

12 January, 2014 (01:01) | Children's Furniture | By:

Do you want to create a magical room for your child? Available today, there are countless styles of kid’s furniture that will help transform a child’s room. If you are looking for wood furniture or upholstered sofas and chairs made just for kids you will easily find it online in the toy stores. Manufacturer’s today produce variations of furniture just like moms or dads, only pint-sized. Parents can have fun styling a child’s bedroom or playroom using their imagination, ideas from magazines or from surfing the web.Military-Toddler-Bed-GP-500x500

While it true that kid’s furniture like table and chair sets comes in different sizes you will need to read the dimensions and purchase accordingly. For example, do not make the mistake of buying a toddler rocking chair for a child who is older. One advantage of purchasing kids furnishings is manufactures make the product small enough so your child will be able to use the product safely. One example is the upholstered sofas for kids made intentionally low to the ground for safety. They will sit comfortable knowing that they won’t fall from a high point. This is a safety feature and also makes the child feel secure.

Kids feel proud when they can sit in a chair all by themselves or use a step up stool to reach the sink. One thing nice about kids’ furniture is that there are nice high quality wood pieces made to become heirlooms. This better quality means your children can have it as a keepsake and pass it on to their children later in life. Keepsake pieces make great accent pieces once they have been outgrown, perfect for displaying dolls or prized possessions.

When shopping online remember that most wood furniture pieces are shipped as “flat packs”, which means it considered “RTA” ready to assemble. This type of furniture is often available in styles such as table and chair sets, toy boxes, play kitchens, or activity tables and desks. The assembly is usually simple and often involves attaching legs, securing table tops and lids, but on a play kitchen it means complete assembly which involves many pieces. While it is easy enough to do, it just requires time and patience as well as the ability to follow instructions carefully. By purchasing in this manner you can save a lot of money and if you find free shipping offers the savings is substantial.

While shopping for upholstered chairs and rockers you will notice that most of this ship fully assembled which offers convenience for the consumer since you won’t have to assemble it. Upholstered furniture looks great in a family room because the fabrics offered these days will compliment just about any homes interior decor. Kids love upholstered recliner and chairs because they look just like dads. Several of these manufactures offer personalization on the fabrics of their chairs truly making this piece of furniture special for any child.

By having child-size furnishings in your home, child’s bedroom or playroom, it offers a magical area for your child to relax. This creates a special feeling of ownership and responsibility as they learn to take care of furniture just for them.

Burr It’s Cold Outside – Time To Think Spring?

11 January, 2014 (23:52) | Wooden Swing Sets | By:

After the continuing cold winter that many of us experienced this past year many families are waiting for the hot summer days to arrive. What better way to greet summer than with new big toys for your backyard and family! An essential thing to keep in mind when selecting new items for your kids is that toys do not have to be used for one traditional purpose or event.

Take a signal from your kids and get creative. For instance, wooden swing sets do not just have to have swings and slides. With a child’s imagination the perfect swing set could become a fortress or provide a meeting place for friends and family, offering hours of entertainment. To select the best toys for your child remember this, safety, interest, and versatility for your family and kids.

Regardless of how much excitement your child will have with a new plaything, safety, security, welfare and well-being are always a top priority. When selecting that ideal plaything do your homework, research and choose the one with the best safety features and also offers health-improving features. A few great backyard toys to consider are wooden and metal swing sets and inflatable bounce houses.

Great Skye Swing Set

Great Skye I Supreme WG Cedar Swing Set

While cost is always an issue, do not make it the only factor to look at when choosing a toy. Not all toys on the marketplace are worth the price tag. In fact, sometimes a few more dollars spent is warranted to provide a better product with safety, health benefits, along with fun. Bear in mind, every now and then little more dollars spend now may save a lot of money later on.

Whether deciding on a playsets made from wood, metal or plastic, they all have disadvantages and features and benefits. If the lumber is finished properly it can be great, on the other hand if it is not sanded and stained correctly it may cause splinters. While metal or plastic may sound like a great option they might rust or plastic may crack and break. Think about the costs, value, quality, and take into account your type of weather, climate and choose the playset that is right for your family.

Be sure to follow the installation instructions supplied by the manufacturer without deviation. For metal swing sets make sure to anchor it into cement so that your kids may swing back and forth without the fear of tipping over. Remember, swing sets that rock when your child swings are not properly anchored. Many wooden swing set also have anchors. Outdoor playsets offer fantastic health benefits to children. The swings, slides, glider, monkey bars, climbers and towers may provide a great way for children to workout their arms and legs and build upper body strength.

Does your child like playing outside? If so, deciding on a backyard toy is simple. You won’t need to waste time trying to sway them to go outdoors, thus the basics work fantastic. Excellent products might include Radio Flyer wagons, tricycles or bikes.

Children’s outdoor furniture such as a picnic table and Adirondack chairs provide your child with furniture that is sized just for them. Plus, it also offers a great place in the backyard for creative play. Kids love to paint or play with games outside so having outdoor furniture makes sense. Additionally, allowing your kids to play outside helps keep the house tidy because the mess is outdoors. After your kids are done, merely spray the furniture down with the garden hose and let the sun dry it. Cleaning couldn’t be easier and you don’t have to be concerned about your good furniture being ruined.

On the other hand, if they want be inside amusing themselves with games, or watching TV it may be a tad harder to get your child outside to enjoy the sun, fresh air and exercise. Stick with playthings that can only be used outside, such as a wooden swing sets or you may want to go with something a bit more thrilling like a bounce house.

Ask your self this question, “How else can this toy be used”? If the toy provides other opportunities for use, you’ll get more for your dollars and they will be entertained longer without boredom setting in. The perfect swing set, for instance, may present the opportunity for additional playing activities if it comes with extra accessories such as a slide, picnic table, and tic-tac-toe panel, forts, poles and climbers. Outside of the traditional use, an old blanket or sheet draped over the slide can produce an instant play tent for your children. The picnic table is the spot for craft projects and enjoying a morning snack or afternoon lunch. The fort can be the magical getaway and is a great spot for board games.

When selecting big toys for outdoor use, you’re more likely to provide fun, entertaining activities that enrich your children’s lives for many years to come!

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