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Month: April, 2014

Inflatable Bounce House Safety

21 April, 2014 (15:45) | Best Price Kids Toys | By:

Inflatable toys are one fantastic way to create a fun environment outside for children’s events. Whether it is for a family gathering or a special birthday party, inflatable bounce houses are always a huge hit and provide lots of kid friendly entertainment. Inflatable bounce houses and slides are exciting to see in a backyard and they are like a magnet to the kids. They see this toy inflated and they quickly make a run so they can climb inside and start jumping. There available for sale in the stores and the online selection is pretty vast. If you interested in renting almost all cities across the US have rental store close by or within fifty to 100 miles, just check your local listings. Easy to set up for parents; inflatable toys provide hours of exercise for kids and they inflate and deflate quickly.

Listed below are several rules for safe play that must be understood by the adults and taught to the children. Prevention is the key to playing safe so no one get hurts.

1. Adult Supervision at all times
2. Limit the number of users (manufacturer guidelines)
3. Weight limits for the children
4. Avoid toddlers and older children jumping simultaneously (this is dangerous)
5. Teach children patience and to wait for their turn
6. Only adults should operate which includes inflating and deflating
7. No pets allowed
8. Weather conditions

First and foremost, adult supervision is required at all times. A parent, adult or caregiver ought to be positioned at the bounce house entrance to supervise at all times and to stop stunts that can hurt kids. Prevention is one of the key ingredients to bounce house safety.

The inflatable will have a rating for the number of users who can safely play at one time. If the manufacturer recommends only 2 to 3 kids at one time inside jumping then you will have to enforce this rule. Understanding, the number of users that can jump inside together will have to be communicated to the children so they understand they might have to take turns and be patient. These guidelines are set forth by the manufacturer and have to be followed. Before any one starts jumping inside you will need to find out what the weight limits are for the bounce floor and for the slide.

Do not allow children to attach inflation tubes, anchors or to operate the blowers. Set up is the responsibility of an adult. Children should stay away from the play area while the unit is inflated.
No pets allowed and for good reason, their paws will ripe holes in the fabric causing the unit to deflate.

Weather forecast is important because the outdoor conditions should be monitored carefully. If a storm sneaks up; if there is lightning; high winds; the conditions are too dangerous for play. The climate time and time again gives the impressions of being a nice day and can quickly turn against us. Keep an eye on the conditions and storm warning because this is one situation you will want to avoid. Never use an inflatable in windy or rainstorm conditions.

Sleeping Bags for Young Children and Teenagers

21 April, 2014 (15:34) | Sleeping Bags And Slumber Bags | By:

Sleeping bags make great presents for any occasion and they are loved by girls and boys. Why are sleeping bags special to children? Why does the sleeping bag for boys and girls hold a special place in their heart? It might be the fact that when they go away from home they can “take a bit of comfort” with them. By taking something from home, the “sleeping bag” it brings comfort to the child in the very same manner as a favorite teddy bear or toy might.

Having a sleeping bag that boys or girls can use for overnight parties will make the child feel at ease when they are away from home. Choosing a present that will be treasured for years is easy when you decide on a sleeping bag. This is a great traditional present and often custom-made for children of all ages. They come in several sizes and lengths to accommodate anyone. High quality styles are sure to hold up to years of use and washings.

To begin with you need to start with an age range. This is important so be sure to decide on the size in terms of length. For instance; if you choose a toddler size make sure to research sleep nap mats which are very similar to a sleeping bag and designed with a toddler in mind. If you select from a youth size or teenage size there are options available.

Measuring the child height is a key ingredient and very important. You can make a comparison between the lengths of the bag to the height of the child. This is one major point that is often overlooked resulting in returns or exchanging. Needless to say this ends up wasting time and money. Not to mention the disappointment the child feels because he or she has to give up their gift for a short period of time.

It is key to think about the length of the sleeping bag and not necessary the age so you can purchase the proper size. Almost all of the designers have a recommended ages for these items along with the actual dimensions. If this information is missing make sure to ask the question before you purchase.
Next, ask yourself this question, “is it washable”? Also, think about the “times of use” or “number of years” that you would use this item. Let’s face it, kids are tough and with multiple uses this product needs to be washable and durable just like linens. Carefully read the instructions for care ahead of time because you might not want to spend money at the dry cleaners because it is not washable.

Quality bags are readily available in a wide array of fabrics and designs. From designer bag to luxurious bags, choosing is easy when you shop online. Choose from store shelves or custom designs made from high quality textiles in fun colors and patterns. You will truly create a special gift for either girls or boys.

Look for manufacturers who meet or exceed the voluntary industrial standard CPAI-75. This information is available and often printed right on the label. Remember that outdoor sleeping bags are different in terms of thickness and warmth. Due to the fact that indoor and outdoor bags are made differently, if you need an outdoor one make sure to visit stores that specialize in camping gear.

If you’re like most parents the camp over at a friend’s house or in your home is a common occurrence and kids need their own bags. Remember, if you are looking for a gift why not consider a kids sleeping bag.

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