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Month: May, 2016

Building Blocks For Little Tikes And Pre-schools

19 May, 2016 (14:51) | Best Kids Toys | By:

Building blocks have been a well-liked child’s toy in the classroom for different age groups for years and years. They always capture a child’s interest and by no means lose their appeal during playtime. Best Price Toys offers building blocks that promote learning and confidence while building on other skills that offer a lifetime learning.

When this toy is used during playtime if also promotes creativity and stimulates the thought process so children learn and try to problem solve while developing a sense of how things work and go together.

For little toddlers, our hand-painted designs with letters and numbers encourage reading early on. Our wooden baby blocks are perfect for small hands and give them a jump start on reading when learning their ABC’s.

Our classic ABC cart made by Melissa and Doug offers hours of instructive block play just for  toddlers! This well-built block set comes with 30 solid wood blocks. Not only does it have the ABC’s but comes complete with letters and numbers. This is just the thing for letter and number recognition, along with matching and sorting plus lots of other fun activities are enjoyed with this unique toy. The pictures are colorful and the collection offers value for the dollar.

Popular in Pre-schools are the CarePlay Grid Blocks sets. They are available in several different sizes. Offering give your littlest engineers the blocks they need to track the trails of their imaginations. They are made for inside and outside playtime and are heavy-duty. They can build pathways, tunnels and even a playhouse. All of the CarePlay blocks are made to a square foot specs. and introduce the children to linear and area measurement. The 12-inch squares are perfect for little hands at the same time as the 3-by-3 design making them easy to attache to one another. Each set comes with an assortment of blocks including, square, solid, see-through as well as corner blocks for the pathway and rooftop of the playhouse.

Helping children learn through block play is almost always plays a part in a teachers curriculum in the classroom. Shop Best Price Toys are a large selection of play blocks.


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