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Kids Love To Swing Empty Swings

When children are playing on a residential wooden swing set they need to play safe just like at the playground. Kids should  understand the safety rules and why each rule is important. This includes only one child sliding down the slide as well as only one person to each swing seat. Educate them so they learn to sit their bottoms in the middle of the swing  with their full weight on seat. Kids  will want to twist the chains but don’t allow it.  They might try to throw the chains over the swing beam just for fun but this is  a bad idea. It was reduce the strength of the chains.  Some kids will think it is fun to swing empty seats but this could hurt someone if they are walking in front or behind the swings.  Teach kids this rule, do not walk close to, in front of, behind, or between moving swing sets or children sliding. These guidelines are for playgrounds in home backyards or at the local parks. Children love wooden swing sets and if you have one in the back yard remind everyone of the rules found in your owners manual.

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Swing Kingdom Vinyl Swing Sets Are The Strongest Playset For Kids

Swing Kingdom vinyl swing sets are becoming the backyard adventures of the future and for good reason! Vinyl clad is proven to last longer than the average wooden or metal swing set. It does not rust nor does it create splinters. So when you purchase a play set from Swing Kingdom you are protecting your kids and your investment. You need a strong playset in the backyard that is going to last so think vinyl. These playgrounds provide the durability and clean look that you want in your yard and keeps your kids occupied for hours. In any season of the year kids love to play outdoors. Swing Kingdom playgrounds are the safest and most weather resistant playgrounds on the market. They have no splinters, low maintenance, and no painting or staining. They provide a decorative look for your backyard adventures and can even increase the value of your home.

Families can start with a small set and customize it later down the road, easily adding another tower, or swing beam. Colors are consistent so if you were to add a green tower in 5 years the color will match your existing playset. The slides are made in house with molds that have double insulated wall sides. The slides are warranted and made in America. Safe for the environment. Children will fall and providing rubber mulch ground is just another options offered toward making a safe play environment for all.

Here are just a few reasons why vinyl swing sets from Swing Kingdom are the best on the market:

Heavy duty braces and stainless steel attachments
Over 150 different options to choose from
Many decorative designs and color options
Low maintenance
No painting or staining
No splinter
No rust

Swing Kingdom a manufacturer of premier vinyl playsets. They craft and build high quality, reasonably priced playground equipment ideal for kids and lots of fun for the whole family

In business for over a decade, started in 2000 the owner Amos has personally designed each and every unit. Moved in 2006 to a large facility because the old building was too small to handle the explosive growth they were experiencing. Almost 90% of the structure is made in America by Amish in Pennsylvania. The company is family owned and understands a strong commitment to family values and relationships ensuring safe play for everyone. It is about families and playing outside together. This company stands behind their brand with a 25 year warranty and takes pride in the heirloom Amish craftsmanship that goes into every single playground. The resale value is tremendous because of the quality. A family could easily play on it for 10 to 15 years and turn around and sell it to a neighbor for a fair price. It will still look almost the same as when it was set up years ago.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself as a kid again holding on tight as you can to an old piece of rope; an old tire swing, along the wind rustling through your hair as you sail thru the air. There is something indescribably alluring about a swing. That’s why children and their parents have always found a way to get one, whether it was a rope hanging from a tree or tied to the rafters in a barn or suspended over a lake. They have graced all playgrounds at schools and parks. A timeless memories of simple pleasures; making priceless memories of rambunctious; happy children on a tree swing; memories of little things that really matter.

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Wooden Swing Sets

Gorilla Playsets Ground Cover And Gorilla Swing Sets

A Gorilla Playsets swing set for your youngsters is one major purchase that may keep them entertained within the backyard for hours. Yes, it’ll last for years and years and can holdup to the rough taking part in that kids typically encounter. Naturally, the playset can compliment your outside décor, landscaping and draw youngsters into the yard. It’s sort of a magnetic force that produces them wish to remain outdoors and play. Your landscaping are going to be improved when this smart trying set is constructed in your garden. This in style line of wood swing sets by Gorilla Playsets offers the kids the chance to play at home in a very park like setting that’s almost like a playground. Wow, that’s incredibly fun for everybody. The collections are distinctive with play choices that different makers don’t give as customary equipment.
Before you get a wood swing set there are one or two of key points that you simply have to be compelled to perceive. This can be an enormous alternative for the family thus you wish to create the proper choice. Merely deciding to get is simple enough however you are doing have to be compelled to make certain you are doing a number of things previous time. Location, dimensions and what style of ground cowl you may use beneath the play structure. Make certain your budget includes ground cowl.
First, live out the building spot and stake out the situation. Why is that this vital you would possibly ask? The solution is size of the structure and house needs required to construct it. Imagine getting one and obtain it home solely to appreciate you don’t have enough area to create it. That may be total frustration, to not mention how disappointed the kids would be.
Now that the situation has been selected you may have to be compelled to prepare the building web site. Removing debris, overhead wires, tree, or the other obstacle that poses a hazard is very important to the protection of these who play on make certain the land is level thus you’ll be able to stop rocking of the swing set. Making and maintaining the play set on a level web site is incredibly vital. Also, you may have to be compelled to check the location each single year for setting areas. For this reason, as your youngsters play on the swing set it’ll slowly begin to settle. Which means it’s digging its means into the bottom (soil). You may have to be compelled to make certain that it settles evenly. Ensuring the swing set is level and true once every year may be a condition of the warranty pointers.

Last however not least, protecting surfacing must go beneath and round the whole play set. Analysis suggests, many and most of all playground injuries are caused by falls to the bottom. This protection issue that’s incredibly imperative thus causes you to get ground cover. Examine the various merchandise types that are advised and keep in mind that rubber mulch is one in all the simplest to use; merchandise on the market these days.

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Just Added Thousands Of New Dress Up Clothes And Halloween Costumes

Just added our new costumes and party supplies! From Lalaloopsy to princesses and from pirates to adorable infant and toddler costumes we are ready for the Halloween season! We have an extensive line of dress up clothes for boys and girls plus a large inventory of role play costumes. Remember, kids costumes are great for everyday creative play and not just Halloween.  Our dress up clothes can be found in Daycares across the country. Our season starts in August and the costumes sell out quickly so don’t delay placing your order. Browse our extensive line of over 15,000 costumes and you will surely find just what you are looking for.

Lalaloopsy - Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff Doll Costume

Lalaloopsy – Mittens Fluff ‘N’ Stuff Doll

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Backyard Swing Sets That Will Leave Long-term Memories For Children

Swing Kingdom, maker of high quality vinyl swing sets for residential use. One of the most popular brands of backyard swing sets is Swing Kingdom. These vinyl swing sets come standard with top notch features including lumber that is vinyl clad and that means every piece of wood is covered. Maintenance free is one of there most popular characteristics and for good reason. Most parents do not want the annual time consuming maintenance of wood which often requires sanding and staining. With the Swing Kingdom playsets this is eliminated and they offer a 20 year warranty. If you want your backyard to be the so called “kid favorite hangout” and where all the fun is at then you will to purchase a vinyl swing set for the family. You can easily make your place where everyone in the neighborhood wants to hang out.
This company has been producing products for residential use for years and they understand what quality, safety and family fun is all about. Children love to swing n slide their way to fun along with climbing, scaling, and sailing their way to imaginative play. Creative fun is what these products offer for kids of all ages including mom and dad. These entertaining playsets offer options that come as standard features which means large savings for you.
When you begin your search for residential play sets you’ll start to see why the vinyl is very popular. The internet offers lots of different styles, brands and model and the only unfortunate thing about shopping online is that you can get up close and to actually see the product. Choose from a great selection of color combinations that include clay, red, yellow, blue, white, green and almond.  Easily match the vinyl siding on your home or landscaping. Shop Build a Swing Set for all your playground needs.

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Wooden Swing Sets

Lots Of Kids Are Wishing For A Vinyl Swing Set Or Metal Swing Set

One common wish for many kids is to play on a wooden swing set and if it’s in their own backyard it’s even better.

Whether it is a metal, plastic or wooden swing set most kids don’t really care what kind is. They just want one that has swings, slides and forts so they can run around from activity to activity. Play stations are one fantastic source of entertainment for kids and if your swing set has lots of options your children will be entertained for hours.

Mass produced wooden and metal swing sets are not necessary a bad thing you just have to make sure the one you purchase is good quality. Many manufacturers are taken extreme measures to make sure their designs are safe for play.

Well built is an understatement when you take a look at the creative styling offered by Swing Kingdom. Not only is this company a pioneer with in the industry they have proved to deliver swing sets that put the family safety first. Strong, durable and build to last is what this company is all about. They believe in a family playing outside together on there play sets and they are build to do just that. All of there designs are available in 6 color combination so matching your backyard landscape is easy.
Check out Build a Swing Set for all your playset needs.

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Wooden Swing Sets

Backyard Swing Sets – Before You Buy A Swing Set Read This

As parents you have determined that your children are going to have a swing set built in the backyard and safety must be your number one priority when shopping for one. As you would expect the way a backyard play set is designed along with the type of hardware and size of the lumber is critical to the safety, strength and durability of the play structure. Parents want a playground that offers safe play for their kids. Is there any manufacturer out there that can guarantee the kids won’t get hurt while playing? The answer is no, because there are too many variables. For example, was the play set installed and assembled properly? Was the ground level? Are the kids following the safe play rules of conduct? Is there a resilient ground cover underneath the structure? These are all important questions that have a lot to do with safety. Before you purchase these are just a few of the key points that must be addressed. 1. Build it myself or hire a certified installer. 2. Have I factored in the cost of ground cover such as rubber mulch or shock absorbing tiles? 3. Teaching kids to play safe and reminding them that they have to follow the rules along with adult supervision at all times. 4. Removal of obstacles such as trees, overhead wires, or anything else that would be in the way of building a swing set. 5. Research the different brands that are available. Find out about the company and how long they have been in business for. 6. Check to see if they belong to the Better Business Bureau. 7. Look for any reviews for the products they sell. 8. Talk with relatives or friends who have swing sets in there backyard. Kids want to play outdoors and they deserve a play area that is not dangerous. Designed and engineering with safety in mind is the goal of manufacturers and it’s your responsibility to ensure you purchase one that is built strong. While no one can say for sure that a child won’t get hurt playing on a residential backyard swing set you can take precautionary measures; making every effort to be sure they don’t. For this simply reason; take a look at the way it was produced. Make sure it was built with safety in mind and the guidelines set forth by the CPSIA were followed. The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act sets guidelines for residential home use and commercial structures. Almost all of the USA brands have been following the guidelines for a long time and this ought to offer some piece of mind for parents and caregivers. After all is said and done it is a well known fact, kids love playing swinging, climbing and sliding and the educational value is very important aspect of the purchase. Learning through play gives children the ability to build like long skills. Exercising, having fun and building new memories are just a few of the exciting things a play set can offer. Find a retailer that is knowledgeable about the products they sell and one that can answer all of your questions. They should be able to communicate the features and benefits of every brand of swing set they offer for sale in there stores. Investing in a high quality wooden swing set is an investment in your children.

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Why Can’t I Find an Extra Small Helmet? There Is A Good Reason Why!

At Best Price Toys we offer bicycle helmets for small children and toddlers. Our child trike helmet is available in 2 sizes in a solid blue. Our helmets are CPSC and Snell B95A certified.  For safety reason, the CPSC recommends replacing after 1 year of use. Made by Angeles Corporation they are great for daycares and preschools. Research is extremely important before you buy a child helmet as there are many different types. Plus, they are made differently for sports or specific activities. One example of this is; you would not wear the same type of helmet for playing football as you would for a hockey player who is the goalie. This is true of children’s helmet too. Protection is vital so research the different brands, sizes, styles before you purchase. If you are looking for an extra small helmet take a look at Angeles brand. Please note: there are risks for infants who wear a helmet and ride in a bike trailer. For more information read this article from the bicycle helmet institute by clinking of this link.
• Toddler Trike Helmet fits Head Size 18″ to 20″
• Child Trike Helmet fits Head Size 20″ to 21.5″
• Meets or Exceeds ANSI Z90.4 and it is CPSC and Snell B95A Certified

Toddler Trike Helmet

Angeles Childs Helmet

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Build A Swing Set For The Kids To Play On

Children love to swing and it doesn’t matter what type of swing set they are playing on. Kids do not care if they are built of our metal or made from wood. Just ask them! All they care about is swinging and climbing. After all, to parents that means hours of fun as the kids are swinging back and forth or climbing about. Keeping them entertained and occupied during their vacation time and the long days of summer can be a challenge for anyone. The question always pops up, “what will the kids do during summer vacation”? Planned events might include tripe to the beach, family vacation, barbecues and trips to amusement parks. Of course the kids will tell you all they want to do is play outside with their friends and have fun. Having a safe and fun summer vacation is important to all and what better way than having a swing set in your own backyard, right?

Lots of people think the metal swing sets will rust and won’t last very long because they believe they will simply fall apart. However, that is just not the case because there are manufacturers like the Kettler brand who build high quality units that come with a guarantee for 5 years. That is a fantastic warranty that other brands do not offer. In fact, most of the other brands have a 180 day warranty. Metal swing sets will not tip over if you anchor them into the ground properly. That means you will need anchors and a cement mixture. Anchoring your swing set legs in concrete that is placed below ground level and not exposed in plain view. By completing this part of the building process you are making sure the play set is secured properly for safe play.

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Metal Swing Sets

Wooden Swing Sets – The Choices Are Fantastic

Today, if you are looking for a wooden swing set, the choices are awe-inspiring. The task of finding the right one for your family will take a bit of research. There are so many different swing set companies that manufacture playsytems it can develop into a bewildering assignment and a complicated one at that. The most important thing to concentrate on is safety and determining if the swing set is structural sound and build strong. With that said, making a list of features and benefits of the different playsets is a good idea. Make a comparison between several brands and talk with your family about which styles, sizes and models will work best for the needs of your family unit and the allotted space in the backyard. The online stores offer a tremendous amount of information and with just a few clicks you can view hundreds of images showing all of the different packages that are available. Shop Build a Swing Set for the best prices and selection.

Swing Kingdon Model SK 5

Vinyl Swing Sets – Shown in Clay and Green


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