Otouch Air Touch 3 2022

So i simply tested this child out and um yeah certainly does the task um oh touch automobile turn three i believe it’s noted at like a hundred dollars right now from their website um definitely a really good suction on it it’s uh it was definitely pulling and uh however but the vibration is uh it’s in a bullet in the front and um and yeah so you got ta find it so there’s that and it’s likewise not that deep it’s like around here all sorts of insane things going on in there so let’s get it to do some things so that is what’s going on inside of there see that’s the drawing feature i yeah and presume i think it looks cool um it’s a lot better to hold i like the shape i attempted to clean this however every time i i offer it a.


Material: Silicone, ABS plastic.
Size: 76 * 80 * 130 mm.
Vibrate Mode: 6 Frequency.
Water Resistance: IPX6.
Accreditation: CE, RoHS, FDA.

The Chiven2 features 6 different kinds of vibrations, a heat setting and its waterproof. A huge plus is that the noise is less than 60dB, so just having the TV on will drown it out. The heat setting can be adapted to match the temperature level of the body..

The within usages soft medical silicone, to recreate the touch of real human skin. The vibration mode produces a vacuum so that the elastic silicone sticks to your beef thermometer. Just like all toys, a lube is prefered.

This is IPX6 waterproof, so it can be washed or perhaps immersed in water. Though it is not advised to be submerged for a very long time. If you are into that sort of thing, this makes it a perfect bath accessory.



The beyond the Chiven2 is made from a difficult ABS material, with grippy matte design. The inside uses soft medical silica gel, that makes it simple to clean and stops germs growing. The Big capacity battery will give you an hours use from a two-hour charge. Otouch Air Touch 3

clean down uh it appears to uh to have like fingerprints and things so excuse all the markings on it like i keep you understand anyhow yeah it’s got a nice little uh like deal with so you can just go wow wow wow wow you understand that’s nice rather than the automobile blow looks like a kitchen home appliance pop this infant on so this is the car blow and this you can just go on and get the action done you understand and and it’s simple to hold this not a lot if you wish to do that you got to hold it like this you know or you got to flip it over or something it’s it’s truly not hassle-free at all while this one has like a sucking motion it absolutely pulls well this one has a consistent and fast sucking movement um there you go see that extraordinary that is some power this isn’t doing that but um but this is definitely a lot more money it’s bothersome to hold you got to hold it up or like a wreck like a a scenario where you can hump it so so i don’t know i do not know how to resolve this problem however this is handheld it does the very same thing basically um anyway it however minor criticism with it i can turn this um juicer off small criticism is that it’s trying to go into the future by including this whole thing right here it’s a little bothersome to turn it on by pressing this due to the fact that you have to get it right in the middle when it charges it blinks you press up and down for the different functions but then left and right for the power so you have to press it diagonally um so it’s a whole lot of nimbling around like trying to figure it out which’s.

i find that a little irritating um there’s that and likewise um the fact that the suction isn’t all that consistent so it’s difficult to even get in the zone with it however like i said it draws it vibrates and uh yeah it’s like the vehicle blow however um however handheld and cheaper so there you go i thank you otouch for sending this to me uh definitely a nice addition to my collection of automated makers to stick my [__] into so there you go thank you men a lot i appreciate it and uh let’s happen with our day we got a great deal of um jerking off to do see you around alright so i know this is a bit uncommon however what about me isn’t um i have actually made up a piece with the car turn three um so enjoy [Music] huh. Otouch Air Touch 3